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777 Gems Respin

Experience the excitement of 777 Gems Respin, a thrilling online slot available at Bollywood Casino. Immerse yourself in a dazzling adventure with sparkling gems and the potential for big wins. With its medium volatility, this game offers the perfect balance between regular payouts and the chance to hit it big.

777 Gems Respin Slot

777 Slot is a classic 3-reel slot game developed by Booongo. It features a gemstone theme with symbols like triple 7s, bells, bars, and colorful gems

⚙️ Software Provider Booongo
🎰 Type Of game slot
💰 RTP 95.61%
🚀 Theme Gemstone

Gameplay and General Design

The 777 Gems Respin slot features classic symbols like triple 7, bells, bars, and colorful gem icons. Payouts vary based on symbol matches and paylines. Players can adjust their bets between a minimum of 0.10 coins and a maximum of 100 coins.

The theme of 777 Gems Respin revolves around the allure of precious gemstones and luxury. The gem icons, including red, orange, green, and purple gems, create a vibrant and visually pleasing environment for players.

In terms of design features, the game keeps things simple yet visually appealing. The command bar is conveniently positioned at the bottom of the reels, allowing easy navigation and bet adjustments. The graphics are superb, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience. The game also includes a soundtrack that adds to the entertainment value. The game is also HTML5 compatible, making it accessible on mobile devices and allowing players to enjoy it on the go.

Game Features

777 Gems Respin includes several key features that enhance the gameplay experience. Here are details about each feature:

  1. Winning Combinations: The game offers various winning combinations based on matching symbols on the paylines. Different characters have different payout values, and the number of times a symbol appears on a payline affects the payout amount. Triple 7s, bells, and bars are the standard paying icons, while the gem icons (red, orange, green, and purple) represent the low-paying icons.
  2. Win Multipliers: While the specific win multipliers can vary, 777 Gems Respin often incorporates multipliers to boost your winnings. These multipliers can be attached to particular symbols or triggered through certain combinations, allowing you to increase your payout for a specific win.
  3. Re-Spin Feature: One of the standout features of 777 Gems Respin is the option to respin individual reels after each spin. This feature allows you to strategically target specific symbols and increase your chances of forming winning combinations. You can choose which reel(s) to respin at an additional cost, providing an element of control and excitement.
  4. Autoplay Feature: The game includes an autoplay feature that allows you to automatically set a predetermined number of spins to play. This feature is convenient if you prefer a more hands-off approach and want to sit back and enjoy the game without manually spinning the reels for each round.
  5. No Scatter Symbols: Unlike some other slot games, this classic slot game does not include scatter symbols. No specific symbols are required to trigger bonus rounds or free spins. The gameplay focuses on the base game and the respin feature for excitement and potential wins.
  6. No Free Spins Feature: The game does not have a dedicated free spins feature. The main gameplay revolves around spinning the reels, forming winning combinations, and utilizing the respin feature to enhance your chances of winning.


In 777 Gems slot, you'll encounter a variety of special symbols that contribute to the gameplay. These symbols have distinct functions and values. Let's explore them using synonyms:

  • Triple Reds 7's: Grants a payout of 150 times your bet for three on a payline.
  • Double bells: Yields a payout of 50 times your stake for three on a payline.
  • Double BAR: Provides a payout of 10 times your stake for three on a payline.
  • Various colored gemstones: Each gemstone offers a payout of 5 times your bet for three on a payline.
  • Black X: Awards a payout of 1 time your bet for three on a payline.

These symbols form the foundation of winning combinations in 777 Gems Respin, and achieving them will contribute to your overall success in the game.

777 Gems Respin Free Spins And Bonuses

777 Gems Respin offers an engaging base game with a range of bonus features to enhance your gameplay. You'll encounter a win multiplier and a respin feature that excite your spins. You can trigger respins throughout the game by filling two reels with identical symbols. During this feature, the two reels housing the matching gem symbols will remain locked in place while the remaining reel respins, granting you a second chance at securing winnings. Additionally, you can still trigger a respin even on spins without a win.

Keep an eye out for exclusive bonuses, like respins triggered by non-winning spins or filling the reels with the same symbols. Look for the rare Imperial Topaz symbol to unlock even more rewards. Spin the reels and get ready for an unforgettable gaming experience!

777 Gems Respin Slot RTP Details & Wager Limits

In 777 Gems Respin, players can expect a return to player (RTP) a percentage of 95.61%. This indicates that, on average, for every 100 units wagered, the game will return 95.61 units to the players over an extended period of gameplay. It's important to note that the RTP is a theoretical value, and individual session results may vary.

Regarding wager limits, the game accommodates a range of betting preferences. The minimum bet you can place is 0.1 €, allowing players with smaller budgets to enjoy the game and participate in the excitement. On the other hand, the maximum bet per spin is set at 100 €, catering to players who prefer higher stakes and are willing to take bigger risks for potentially larger payouts.

When it comes to the maximum win in 777 Gems Respin, players have the opportunity to secure a maximum payout of up to 15,500 € in a single spin. Achieving this maximum win adds a layer of thrill and potential reward to the gameplay experience.

Mobile compatibility

777 Gems Respin is designed to be compatible with mobile devices, offering players the convenience of playing the game on their smartphones or tablets. The game's mobile phone compatibility ensures you can enjoy the slot from anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an internet connection.

To play 777 Gems Respin on a mobile device, no special requirements or additional downloads are necessary. The game is developed using HTML5 technology, which makes it accessible directly through your mobile device's web browser. This eliminates downloading any specific software or apps to enjoy the game.


How To Play 777 Gems Respin Slots at Bollywood Casino?

To play 777 Gems Respin slots at Bollywood Casino, create an account, log in, find the game in the casino lobby, and click to launch it. Set your bet amount, click spin, and match symbols on the paylines to win.

How To Win At 777 Gems Respin Slot?

Winning at the 777 Gems Respin slot relies on luck and random outcomes. To increase your chances, familiarize yourself with the paytable, manage your bankroll wisely, take advantage of bonus features like respins, and enjoy the game responsibly for its entertainment value.

Can I Win Real Cash Playing 777 Gems Respin Slot?

Yes, playing the 777 Gems Respin slot at Bollywood Casino with real money wagers allows you to win real cash. If you achieve winning combinations, the corresponding payouts can be withdrawn or used for further gameplay, depending on the casino's policies and terms.

Does 777 Gems Respin Slot Have Free Spins Option?

777 Gems Respin slot does include a free spins option. When triggered, the free spins feature awards players a certain number of spins without deducting them from their balance. The specific details and requirements of the free spins feature may vary, so refer to the game's rules or paytable for more information.