Side Bet City is a popular table game - engaging and profitable at the same time. Your goal is to place bets and win - as usual. Yet, there are numerous strategies to win, if you know math well observant and attentive. This game is top-rated all over the world, including the best casinos of Macau and India. Now you've got a chance to play it and make tons of money.

How do you play Side Bet City? The game is easy to start and requires no particular traits or talents. There how this game is played: first, the dealer deals three cards; second, two more cards are dealt; third - two more cards are dealt. The resulting hand must consist of seven cards. Now it's your turn. You have to guess the poker value of the three cards.

  • the is game usually played with 52-card deck;
  • all the hands are scored according to conventional poker rules;
  • there are four bets: 3-5-7 hand and No Win.

The main advantage of the game is that you don't actually have to play at all. All you have to do is make the right guess. While being absolutely random, you can increase your chances to win if you will memorize the previous cards and analyze the situation. If you want to place your first bet, it is about time to join the Side Bet City game and take your big prize with the Bollywood Casino!

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