You are an almighty Necromancer who is eager to concoct a potion of immortality using his undead army. To achieve this, you have to spin the Reels of Darkness, summoning new monsters and use the most powerful of them as an ingredient. As soon as the potion is over, you will be granted immortality and eternal riches. Yet, potion-making can take some time, so you have to be persistent and summon all the creatures you can while spinning the reels. The eternal riches await you!

Necromancer game is an incredible 3D slot machine with 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 fixed pay lines. The game offers you to embrace the almighty necromancer's role, summoning undead armies and experimenting with magic concoctions. There are numerous ways to make money while raising undead monsters, so do not waste your chance! As usual - your main goal is to get rich by gathering the most profitable winning combinations again and again. There are numerous symbols on those reels to make sure you will prevail, including:

  • Skeleton Brute;
  • Archlich Reborn;
  • Undead Knight;
  • Crossbow Ghoul;
  • Mummified Skull, etc.

To increase your chance to win, there is a Wild symbol. It can fill absolutely any gap in your winning combinations and make you instantly rich. Moreover, the Scatter - collect 3 of them on those reels and get engaged in a Free Spins game. Finally, there is a Bonus in the game that can launch one of several hidden games - yet you’d better discover this part of the game personally. As you can see, there are many opportunities to make huge money with the Necromancer slot, and all you have to do is start your game.

Necromancer slot is an incredibly beautiful and well-animated 3D-game. The playing field is decorated to look like a crypt of the Necromancer with the concoction cauldron and lots of monsters rising from the graves, while the necromancer mage will use them to create the most powerful magic spells with every spin you make. All the symbols and background are perfectly animated, and you will enjoy a real show with every winning combination. Finally, the music here is great, so you will enjoy your gaming time. And let’s not forget - this is a very rewarding game, so you will definitely make tons of money with a single bet. Do not hesitate - start spinning the reels and get as much money as you want with the Bollywood Casino!