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    Live Baccarat

    In recent years, online casinos have earned recognition across the world. Players find popular game titles to play on various top online casinos. Additionally, these casinos offer impressive bonuses and promotions to their gamers. Besides, these casinos have other benefits that will be discussed later in this review. Happily, you can engage in live gaming on the online casinos like Bollywood Casino. Games such as Baccarat offer immersive gaming experiences to players that choose to play them. This article reveals everything you need to learn about live Baccarat. Thus, stay tuned to the last sentence to grasp the ropes of the famous game

    So, what is the baccarat game? Originally, Baccarat started in France as a game, and the game does not demand high gaming skills. Hence, even new players can try their luck as they learn or come up with their unique strategies. Over and over again, the game was played for extremely high stakes, and that is why it could only be found on top casinos in the Nevadan and European gambling markets. Objectively, you should place your Bet on the hand that will be the closest or equal to 9. Excitingly, you can now find live Baccarat on online casinos. Thus, there is no immediate need to plan a trip to the nearest brick-and-mortar casino to play it. With that said, you can now read this comprehensive review to learn what you need to know about live dealer baccarat.

    🎰 Game name Live Baccarat
    ⚙️ Live Baccarat Software Vivo Gaming, EZUGI, Evolution Gaming, Beter live
    💰 Money Game Yes
    🚀 Free Game No
    💡 Game Rules Yes
    🤝 Game tips Yes
    📱 Mobile App Yes
    💸 Minimum deposit ₹ 100
    🏦 Payment methods Airtel, RuPay, PayTM, Visa, PhonePe, Online Banking, UPI, MobiKwik, Bitcoin, USDT, Freecharge, NetBanking
    🎁 Current bonuses Cashback, Namaste Pack, Free Spins

    The pros of Live Baccarat

    Players enjoy peeking and squeezing cards on the amazing baccarat tables on a live dealer section of an online casino. This amazing live game provides utmost fun to the players and yields huge returns in case of a win. It has various benefits of enjoying it at an online casino. Thanks to the inception of the internet and the software developers who have made it possible for players to get the ultimate live gaming experience in virtual casinos. This section uncovers the pros linked to playing live baccarat games on mobile devices. Note that software developers ensure the game is mobile-friendly so that all players can play it seamlessly on their mobile devices like tablets, smartphones, etc.

    Enjoy the Convenience

    Undeniably, virtual casinos provide gamers with ultimate convenience. It is easier for the gamers to enjoy the game on their smart devices than plan a trip to the city casinos. Moreover, it is cost-effective for the players since they will not spend on transport fees, drinks, food, and other expenses like parking fees in the city casinos. Ideally, a player will just find a cozy couch and play the game right on the tablets.

    Therefore, players leverage the convenience offered by the live dealer baccarat online casino. Thus, if you want to enjoy this convenience, you should find the right casino for you, register, and deposit funds to begin your live gaming journey. The casino will bring the immersive gaming experience to your mobile screen with beautiful lights, pretty dealers, and wonderful tables. Ultimately, you may earn huge sums of money while still sitting on the couch.

    Earn Bonuses in Live Baccarat

    Live Dealer baccarat has attractive bonuses and specific points to the players that may not be found on land-based casinos. Therefore, punters prefer to play it online to leverage the bonuses to improve their payouts. Typically, every live game will have a bonus for the punter or even the newcomers. Before you connect to any live dealer in baccarat, you can check if they have some impressive offers. Most of them offer a deposit bonus, cash backs, etc.

    Live Chat Feature

    It is yet another advantage of live dealer baccarat. Punters have the chance to chat with the beautiful live dealers and other players participating in the game. By doing so, punters create personal connections and bonds in the course of the game. However, you should note that it is rare for punters to converse with the dealers.

    It is a special way to show off

    Well, almost everyone wants to engage in an activity that sets them apart from the crowd. If that is your case, you can try live Baccarat using the mobile device of your choice. Engaging in live Baccarat shows that you are trendy and you keep up with technological advancements. You are not left out of this live gaming era, and this fact separates you from the rest. For example, it would seem better if you use a smartphone instead of the push-button phone type. Similarly, you should consider playing Baccarat online instead of spending too much traveling to places with casinos.

    It offers Real-Time Gaming

    Undeniably,one of the top perks of live dealer baccarat is real-time gaming. The live-dealers broadcast the game right from their amazing studios along with you and fellow punters. Therefore, you can enjoy the real action as it unfolds. There are no restrictions to the game. Thus, you will just enjoy it in real-time, watch every move, and track your winnings in real-time. Furthermore, live dealer games should be your choice if you are always skeptical about rigging at virtual casinos. Notably, live dealer games allow you to see the action in real-time.

    Live Baccarat terms

    Live baccarat has industry-specific terms used by enthusiasts. Thus, if you are a newcomer, you may have to study such terms to ensure a smooth gaming experience. These terms are utilized in both the online version of Baccarat and the live one. However, you are not obliged to grasp each and every term listed here. However, reading the terms, studying them, and comprehending most of them is a pretty idea. You can note some down if you think you might forget. You can always come back to this list when you need to confirm the real meaning of a live baccarat term. The list starts with Baccarat and other terms follow:

    • Baccarat: Baccarat is also called Punto Banco. It is a game that uses tables with six or eight card decks. Primarily, you should place your Bet on the Banker or the punter. The total value of the bets should add up or equal to nine.
    • Banco:This is a Spanish word that means bank. However, in Baccarat, the dealer is the Banco.
    • Bank: This term refers to the hand that will act last or is dealt last.
    • Banker Bet:This term refers to one of the 3 bet alternatives you can choose when playing Baccarat.
    • Bankroll:This means the number of bucks you are planning to spend on online casino live baccarat for real money .
    • Banque:This type of Baccarat is widely known in European casinos but hardly found in American casinos. In this type of game, the Banker will sit at the center of two connected tables and place bets against 2 players using one table.
    • Burning:This refers to the elimination of the top three of six cards after they are shuffled and before the game starts.
    • Caller: The caller is the person representing the online casino and is responsible for the cards.
    • Carte:This is a French word that is used to request an extra card from the casino dealer.
    • Cheval:This type of Bet is permitted in Baccarat. In this type of baccarat bet, the Bet is considered lost when both gamers lose. However, if one punter wins and the other one fails, the Bet remains. Some games permit a punter holding 2 card sets to place the cheval bet, which is paid to the punters if they emerge victorious on both hands. If the punters win one hand, the result is considered a tie.
    • Chemin De Fer: This refers to a famous version of Baccarat, also referred to as European Baccarat. It is mainly for high rollers. In this version, one of the punters will handle the cards, take bets, and play the bank.
    • Commission:The online casino charges a fee on the Banker bets because these are the probable outcomes. The Banker bet gets 45.86% of the time, while the punter gets a 44.62% chance of emerging victorious. Usually, the commission is capped at 5%. Thus, if you win $10, you end up receiving $9.50
    • Coup:This is a French term that refers to a Baccarat round involving both the player's hand and the Banker's hand.
    • Croupier: This term refers to the online baccarat live dealer who will deal out the cards and supervise the game.
    • Deal:This word refers to a card dealt with a punter in the course of the game.
    • Dealer: A real human hired by the online casino to oversee the baccarat table.
    • Down Card:when a bet card faces down. You can also call it the hole card.
    • Dragon Bonus refers to the side bet that a punter can place a wager on the number of points the winning hand will possess over the losing hand. This Bet will payout if the hand has a margin of 4 points or more or is a natural (8 or 9 points).
    • Face Cards:These are the King, Queen, and Jack of any suit.
    • A flat Bet refers to when a punter bets the same amount of money, notwithstanding whether the hand will lose or win.
    • High Roller:punters that make huge bets in an online casino.
    • Hole Card:This is a synonym for a Down Card.
    • House:This refers to the casino, be it online or land-based.
    • House Edge:This term refers to the chances and the ratio percentages an online casino has of beating the punters in a game.
    • House Rules: The various game regulations that include the buy-ins.
    • Lace:This word refers to placing cards into a stack.
    • Le Grande:Refers to the numerical 9 dealt in a natural.
    • Le Petite: Refers to number 8 dealt in a natural.
    • Loss Bet:This phrase refers to a bet placed against the bank.
    • Mini Baccarat:This refers to a small and fast version of online baccarat game. It is a game designed to accommodate several punters at a time and provides lower table limits. Thus, it is a favorite choice for many punters. In online casinos, mini-baccarat cards are dealt face up.
    • Muck:This is the whole set of cards used at the beginning of shuffling and has 8 decks of standard cards.
    • Natural:When the 2 baccarat cards amount to either 8 or 9.
    • Pass:This refers to a win.
    • Player Hand:The hand usually played against the bank. However, you should note that it does not necessarily refer to the actual participant in the baccarat game. Instead, it refers to one of the 3 bets that are available in Baccarat.
    • Punto: Refers to a Player.
    • Punto Banco:synonym to Baccarat.
    • Push: Refers to a bet that is not meant for a win or a loss. The equal amount is wagered again in the next gaming round.
    • Railroad:This is the English word that means the same as Chemin de Fer.
    • Run: This is an option for the side bets that you can bet on a sequence of hands.
    • Shoe:This term refers to the box that is used to hold and dispense the cards.
    • Standoff: synonym to a tie bet.
    • Tie Bet:a term used to describe the player and the dealer getting equal points. This means that none of them wins.
    • Upcard:Card dealt facing upwards.

    Basic Rules of live casino baccarat

    As mentioned earlier, baccarat game online is a simple game that requires no special skills to play. The only crucial decision you should make is the amount of money to wager at the beginning of the hand. In most cases, a round entails the following;

    You should wager before the cards are dealt

    Wagers are usually open at the beginning of the round. Thus, it would be best if you placed your chips on the side bet, or the hand you predict will win. The betting will close for the hand after a few moments.

    Only Two Hands Get Dealt

    The live dealer deals 2 hands of cards: one hand for the punter and one for the Banker. Each of the hands is expected to hit with a rank of either five or even less.

    Winning Hands

    The hand that wins is the one that is very close to 9. After the cards are added together, the first digit will be dropped. For instance, if you get a 9 and 7, the total value is 16; however, you drop the 1 to be left with the 6. Thus, the value in the game baccarat online will be a 6.

    The best way to Play Live Baccarat

    If you intend to enjoy immersive baccarat playing, you can follow these simple steps. The process will need just a few moments, and you are good to kick start your journey.

    1. Select Bollywood Casino as the best casino- You should begin by picking Bollywood as the casino that offers the best live casino games. You can even read reviews, ask friends, or even search online. Eventually, you will find an online site that offers good live games.
    2. Register- Live games are only available to the members of the Bollywood casino. The casinos have the 'SIGN UP' button that you can click to redirect you to the sign-up page. Enter your details and submit for registration.
    3. Deposit funds- Live casino games can only be played for real money. Thus, you need to upload funds to your Bollywood Casino account to start enjoying these games. To fund the account, you can utilize various banking alternatives such as Gpay, Bitcoin, Visa, etc. You will use the bankroll in your account to participate in the live games.
    4. Claim bonus- the site offers a welcome bonus for the new punters that you can activate. In most cases, this step happens automatically. Additionally, ensure you have read the terms surrounding any of the bonuses you intend to activate. Keep in mind the wagering requirements, the minimum deposits, and any other regulations.
    5. Select a live dealer table- the casino has variants of baccarat table games. Therefore, you can select one of the tables that seem ideal for you. Additionally, you should choose the betting limits and the game rules for your gaming session.
    6. Play and win- Yes, you can participate in baccarat live play and win real money at this step. Keep in mind the baccarat terms, playing rules, and much more, as this will help you throughout the baccarat sessions at the casino.

    Baccarat roadmaps

    Baccarat roadmaps are tools that track previous baccarat patterns to provide the punter with a better asset for analyzing various situations and help improve on future wagering decisions. In most cases, punters can access the graphical representations of the previous round's results. Typically, the roadmaps are presented in various styles using icons that are organized in a rectangular grid consisting of empty square fields that show the history of the current shoe.

    Usually, there are only 5 various roadmap representations, namely:

    1. Bead Road
    2. Big Road
    3. Big Eye Road
    4. Small Road
    5. Cockroach Pig

    You need to familiarize yourself with these different roadmaps if you are ready to venture into baccarat playing. Luckily, this section uncovers the secrets behind each of the baccarat roads to help you understand them.

    The Big Road

    The Big Road is considered the primary roadmap. In most cases, it appears in the form of a grid with 6 rows and 36 to 50 columns. You can check out the results of the game at the top left corner. In this roadmap, if the second game produces the same results as the previous one, the results are shown below the first ones. If the results don't match, they are recorded to the right side of the initial result. Red circles are utilized to show the Banker wins and blue circles are used to indicate player wins.

    The Bead Plate

    This type of roadmap is available in online casinos. As the name suggests, this roadmap consists of a simple grid that has various colored beads or even dots that record each hand's results.

    • Banker wins- Marked Red
    • Player wins- Marked Blue
    • Ties- Marked Green

    Most of the bead plates have 6 rows and 12+ columns, allowing punters to record the outcomes of the 60 hands or even more. Ideally, they are recorded from the top left-hand corner and then downwards of each column at a time. When the column's bottom is reached, the recording begins afresh at the next column but to the right.

    The Big Eye Boy

    The Big Eye Boy refers to yet another method for recording the shoe's behavior. It entails recording the info from other result-orientated roadmaps and interpreting. The main objective for the interpretation is to give punters some insights into if the deck will produce varying results or if there are recurring patterns or streaks happening.

    Therefore, the Big Eye Boy is combined with the Big Road roadmap. If a new column starts on the Big Road, a mark is put on the BIG Eye Boy. These charts have very close layouts and utilize similar colors. Moreover, you should note that the red and blue represent a recurring pattern and a non-recurring pattern, respectively. You can use these two roadmaps together to find out which bet needs to be placed next.

    The Small Road

    This roadmap is quite similar to the Big Eye Boy. Nevertheless, it leaves out the previous column on the Big Road. Also, it will not begin till one hand, just after the initial mark in the 3rd column on the Big Road. It starts to record the outcomes on the Small Road at the completion of the first hand in the third column of the Big Road. It uses solid blue circles when there are no patterns, and only solid red circles are utilized if a pattern is spotted.

    The Cockroach Pig

    This is the last roadmap and a variant of the Big Eye Boy used in baccarat live casino. It is close to the Small Road concept, but it has a few differences as revealed here;

    1. You are required to skip 2 columns, not one as in the Small Road tactic.
    2. The other thing to keep in mind is never to begin when the first entry is completed in the fourth column on the Big Road.
    3. It utilizes diagonal lines but not beads or dots.

    Note that so many people still have many superstitious beliefs surrounding Baccarat. However, this is purely a game that involves chance. Therefore, the outcomes of one round may not always reveal the next possible bets you can wager. However, you can still use the roadmaps wisely to help you figure out the possible outcomes. Typically, there is a lot involved in Baccarat. Thus, continue reading the piece to get more details for a better live baccarat gaming experience.

    Third Card Rules

    In Baccarat, after the deal of the first 2 cards to the punter and the Banker, if none of them reaches 8 or 9, then subject to the total of the punter's hand, a third card deal might be necessary. Moreover, there are various guidelines that dictate the third Card dealt. Do not fret, as you will learn those rules in this section.

    Player Rules

    The player's hand total is always the first thing to consider;

    1. The side of the player will be dealt a 3rd card if the first-hand amounts to 0-5.
    2. The punter's side will not take an extra card if the first 2-card hand total is 6 or 7.
    3. The player's hand needs no extra cards if the total points after the initial 2 cards yield 8 or 9 (This is a natural victory or even a tie, especially if the Banker's hand gets 8 or 9 points).

    In an event where the player's hand stays at 2 cards, the Banker's hand should adhere to similar rules: The Banker will get a 3rd card if the total of the hand is from 0 to 5, and can only stand if the total is 6 or 7 and 8 or 9. Besides, the rules get further complicated if the Banker draws a third card.

    Banker Rules

    These are the rules that will apply if the Banker draws a third card as you play baccarat online;

    1. If the player gets a 2 or 3 as the 3rd Card, the Banker will draw a 3rd card when the total of its two-card ranges from 0-4 and will stand with an overall of 5-7.
    2. If a 4 or 5 card becomes the third Card, the Banker should draw the 3rd Card if the overall is 0-5 and should stand when the grand total is 6 or 7.
    3. If it is a 6 or 7 as the 3rd Card, the Banker draws a card with 0-6 as the total and stands if 7 is the total.
    4. An 8 as the third card forces the Banker to draw a 3rd card with a 2-card overall of 0-2 and should stand when the two-card overall is 3-7.
    5. A 9, 10, face card or even an ace one forces the Banker to draw a third card with an overall of 0-3 and should draw if the overall is 4-7.

    After the cards are satisfactorily dealt with, the victorious side should be determined by the overall number that is closer to 9. All the Bet will be paid out fully, and the coup shall start again.

    Live Baccarat bets

    In Baccarat, it is not mandatory to place bets on your own hand. That may not always sound outrageous, but it is okay to bet on the Banker to win. In most casinos, you are offered fixed stakes to place your bets on either the dealer or yourself, emerging the victorious hand. After that, you can just relax and wait for the outcome. Here are the possible bets you can make in Baccarat;

    Side Bets In Baccarat

    Side bets are made by pros that have mastered the art of betting in Baccarat. It is, therefore, possible for you to place side bets on Big, Small, Either Pair, Perfect Pair, Player Pair, or Banker Pair.

    • Player Pair and Banker Pair- This will win when there is a pair on the Banker or the player side the moment the cards are turned.
    • Either Pair- This will win when there is a pair in the 4 cards.
    • Perfect pair- same suit pairs win in this betting category.
    • Big- This will emerge victorious when the total is 5 or 6
    • Small- this Bet will win when the total is 4.

    Live Baccarat Odds and Payouts

    It is now the best moment to discuss the payout you will receive when playing live Baccarat. Basically, there are 3 types of payouts in Baccarat, namely:

    1. Banker
    2. Player
    3. Tie bets.

    Typically, the best is given back to the punter when a tie happens. This rule applied even when the player did not bet on a tie as the possible outcome. Also, remember that the house and the Banker have higher winning chances. That is why a commission of 5% is imposed on the winnings of the Banker.

    There are other baccarat tables where no commission is paid. However, these tables have complex rules compared to the regular live baccarat tables that demand a 5% commission on the winnings of the Banker. So, if the Banker gets a hand overall of 6, you will get half of the stake.

    In most cases, the Banker wins. Although the win of the Banker attracts a 5% commission, it is still a better bet. The Banker, player, and tie payout odds would look like 0.95:1 1:1 8:1.

    Practically, the difference is quite minimal. Thus, it may not matter if you bet on the Banker or the player. However, it is worth noting that side bets in Baccarat have varying house edges depending on the Bet you have chosen. For example, A Super 6 bet will have a house edge of 29.98%, while Dragon Bonus bet only 2.65%.

    Live Baccarat bonuses

    Live Baccarat games come with great bonuses. These impressive bonuses help players enjoy more live Baccarat without spending so much. In addition, the bonuses have fair terms and conditions that you should always go through before claiming the bonus in question.

    In most cases, you can get a welcome bonus if you have signed up to enjoy the live baccarat games. For example, you could be offered a 200% welcome bonus on the deposit you will make just after account creation. Practically, if you deposit $100 in the account, you will receive a whopping $200 to play live Baccarat.

    However, ensure you know the details in the bonus' fine print. This is to ensure that you do not get surprised later on when you have already claimed the bonus, but the wagering requirements are quite hilarious.

    Live Baccarat Strategies

    Playing online games is not always about placing quick bets, spinning the wheels, and enjoying the immersive experience of the live baccarat games. It is okay to do all these, but you will need a clear tactic to help you throughout the casino journey. Remember, you are here for much fun and to make huge wins. Thus, it is recommended to take some time and create a strategy that will help you navigate the online gaming realm boldly.

    It is quite challenging to predict the outcome. All casinos run on a Random Number Generator. This RNG uses an algorithm to generate random outcomes. Therefore, it can be tricky for you to foretell the exact result in live baccarat games. However, you can engage in a strategy and still win big in online baccarat games.

    For example, Betting with the Banker is considered the top tactic that any player can use to win. Therefore, if you lack some insights on the exact bets you can place that yield good results, you can try the Banker. Even when going through the long list of gambling quotes, you will often meet 'bet on the banker.' Thus, the popularity of betting on the Banker should not be underestimated because this is a strategy that has been in use for hundreds of years.

    Bet safely on the Banker, and you might win. However, do not forget the commission imposed on wins paid from the Banker's Bet. Player bet will not come with any commissions, but the third card rule will always apply. Note that the third card rules are somehow complex. Therefore, it is ideal for starters to try the common strategy of betting on the Banker. Notably, try as much as you can to avert tie bets though it is the rarest outcome. If you use a strategy to play live Baccarat, you will not fall victim to the high odds in some bets that rarely win.

    If you want to engage certain proven systems, you can do so. However, it would be a great idea if you research the system entirely and gather all the information about it. Besides, you should grasp its concept and even try in low stake games. With that in mind, you can try any of the live baccarat systems or strategies below;

    1. The D'Alembert System
    2. The Labouchere System
    3. The Paroli System
    4. The Fibonacci Strategy
    5. The Martingale System

    Handy Tips for Playing Live Dealer Baccarat

    Successful live baccarat gaming is possible when you employ a few handy tips. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find such tips in casinos. Therefore, you need to pay attention to this section. Here you will learn a few simple yet useful tips for playing live Baccarat.

    Try Several Developers

    You should not stick to just one software developer that powers live Baccarat. Indeed, there are many providers of live baccarat games like Ezugi, Pragmatic Play, Etc. Choose Ezugi today and maybe play a Pragmatic Play live baccarat some other day. Note that each developer has unique versions of live Baccarat. Some may have better features than others. Consider switching the developers once in a while to get a better experience or learn a new feature.

    Budget is Important

    Set aside the money you would wish to spend on live casino baccarat. Remember, you can always make low yet acceptable stakes when playing live Baccarat. Also, you should stick to the bankroll you have set aside for enjoying live Baccarat. Employ responsible gambling tips or regulations so that you can become a victim of problem gambling.

    Live chat when need be

    If you have any questions to ask during the game, you can ask via the live chat function. Remember, the live chat allows you to chat with the dealer and fellow punters. Thus, leverage it when you are in need of clarification.

    Avoid the Tie Bet

    You should always avoid the tie bet. It might have the highest odds, but you may never win. It is considered one of the least possible results of live Baccarat. Therefore, it would be best to use the banker strategy and earn your money.

    Be bold to bet on the Banker

    You can win if you always stake in the Banker's hand. It is the only live baccarat strategy that has helped so many players to win big. Thus, you should bet on it without any fear of losing. However, learn to manage your bankroll even if the Banker will always win.

    Baccarat online payment methods

    After creating an account at the online casino, the next step would be uploading funds to it. Notably, the online baccarat games do not possess any demo versions. Therefore, for you to play such live games, you should deposit real money. Fortunately, the casinos offer safe and secure deposit options that you can utilize to upload the funds. Also, most casinos will accept Indian Rupees and other currencies like the dollar, euros, etc. Moreover, the deposits are instant.

    Here are the various methods to deposit funds into your account:

    1. Paysafecard
    2. Visa
    3. MasterCard
    4. Credit Card
    5. Bank Transfer
    6. PayPal
    7. Skrill
    8. Neteller
    9. Pre-Paid Cards.
    10. NetBanking
    11. Paytm
    12. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcopin, litecoin, etc.

    How to deposit real money

    To deposit real money to play live Baccarat is an easy task. Though casinos are not always similar in terms of payments, you can follow the following steps to deposit;

    1. Open the casino homepage and log in to the account you have created.
    2. You can start by reviewing the bonuses to find if there is a unique bonus you can take advantage of.
    3. Click on the 'Deposit' tab and check out the various options that you can use for the deposit.
    4. Select the bank option you prefer the most and enter the amount you would like to use for live gaming.
    5. Fill in the deposit firm as requested, review the data, and submit the info.
    6. Typically, the deposit process may not take long. Thus, wait for the funds to appear in the account for a few moments.
    7. You can now begin playing.

    In addition, you may be asked to verify the account so that the withdrawal or transaction limits imposed on it can be lifted. in this step, you will just require a few documents like a utility bill, etc.

    How to cash out winnings

    The main objective of playing live Baccarat is to win money. After you win, you start thinking of ways to cash it out. Happily, you can use various options to cash it out. This section shows the simple steps to follow while withdrawing money:

    1. Start by logging into your gaming account.
    2. First, confirm that the account has money that you can withdraw. Note that casinos have minimum and maximum withdrawal limits.
    3. Click on the 'WITHDRAW'option.
    4. Select the exact options you would like to process the withdrawal with. For example, you can withdraw to the Bank, Skrill, etc.
    5. Submit the request.

    Generally, the cash-outs are processed within 24 to 48 hours.

    Mobile Version of live Dealer Baccarat

    Baccarat live game offers HD video streaming across all devices. Therefore, you will get good shots of the live baccarat cards, the entire table, the live dealer, and the room. Besides, you will enjoy a truly simulating casino atmosphere even when you are using your tablet, smartphone, etc.

    As a player, you are free to select the device you would like to play the live Baccarat on. This means that it is possible for all devices powered by iOS and Android. Indeed, you will not be asked to make or alter any settings. The live stream will auto-fit on your small screen.

    These are the tasks you accomplish using the mobile devices;

    1. Create your account.
    2. Deposit funds
    3. Play live Baccarat.
    4. Use the live chat function.
    5. Claim and use bonuses.
    6. Withdraw earnings, etc.

    Online accarat card game providers

    As stated earlier, baccarat online games are powered by top software developers. Indeed, most developers have been creating online games for decades. In addition, they are fully licensed to create live baccarat games. If you visit the software developers' websites, you will view the various badges, licenses, and much more. Here are the top developers that create the live baccarat games;

    Evolution Gaming

    Evolution Gaming ensures that live baccarat enthusiasts enjoy a Macau-like live gaming experience. It is a developer committed to delivering high-quality games.

    Microgaming Live

    The developer offers some of the live tables that offer great HD videos to the players. It is a great choice for both new and existing players.

    Pragmatic Play

    This is a great choice for players that prefer good graphics while live gaming in Bollywood Casino.


    It is certified to create the most immersive games for the online casino industry. If you choose its game, you can be sure that the payouts will be good.

    Lucky Streak

    This developer has been in the industry for years, and the various games they have created are superb for every type of gamer.


    Ezugi is among the famous developers that have created live baccarat games for hundreds of casinos.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Check out the FAQs below;

    Is it legal to play live Baccarat in India?

    Yes, it is okay to enjoy live baccarat games on Bollywood Casino.

    What is the best online Baccarat casino in India?

    You can check out Bollywood Casino for the most anticipated live gaming experience.

    Can You play baccarat online live using Real Money?

    Yes, you can wager real money and win. You can even cash out the real money from the casino to your wallet.

    Can you win money playing online Baccarat?

    Yes, you can win real money if you play a baccarat game online using the right tactics, as revealed in this article.

    How do I win at Live Baccarat?

    You need to bet on the Banker or use another proven strategy to win real money when playing a baccarat game live.