• The «Bonus Wagering» term indicates the number of bets that the User has to make to transfer the bonus and winnings from the bonus account to the main account.
  • The Bonus Wagering is represented as a multiplier (Wager) to the Bonus amount. Wager x20 means that at least 20 bets should be made for the Bonus amount. For example, if the user has made a deposit of ₹100 (see Rules paragraph 8.2.) and received a 100% bonus of ₹100, then for wagering the user must make current amount of bets: 100*2 + 100*20 = ₹2200. After fulfilling this requirement, funds from the bonus account will be automatically transferred to the user's Main account.
  • The user can check the Wagering status of the Bonus on the progress bar in the game window at any time.
  • The Wager is automatically debited when a Bonus balance of ₹10 is reached. You can familiarize yourself with the state of your own Bonus account and see the list of games that support the wagering in the «Bonus Games» section of the Website.
  • Each Bonus has a limit for transfer between the Bonus and the Main accounts. At the moment of wagering the User will receive a notification indicating the maximum possible amount.
  • When several Bonuses with a limit for the maximum withdrawal are gathered, the limit numbers are summed up. Example: The player received two Bonuses = «Bonus 100%» with a limit of ₹10,000, and «Bonus for phone + mail» in the amount of ₹333. The maximum transfer amount from the Bonus to the Main account will be ₹10 333.