French Roulette Classic is as old as France is. It is a classic game of wheel and ball, and all you can do to affect the outcome is to be lucky, because, due to our unsurpassed software there is no chance a third side can interfere and steal your victory from you. Like the rest of our games, the French Roulette Classic is engaging, beautiful, and very profitable. Here you've got an excellent chance to win a vast amount of money enjoying the comfort of your room and the entourage of luxurious Bollywood Casino. French Roulette Classic is the game that will make you rich!

How do you play French Roulette Classic? The basic rules are all the same, and well-known to every player. You have to guess the number. The specific rules are absent, yet you can place the bets the way you want. So, when the time has come to make your bet, you can choose multiple various options when placing the bet:

  • a single number (35:1);
  • split number (17:1);
  • three numbers (11:1);
  • a quarter (8:1);
  • dozen/column (2:1);
  • color bet (1:1).

As you can see, with such a high amount of bets, your chance to win is really high. French Roulette Classic is a great way to spend some time in Bollywood Casino and make some perfect money. The game with chance and luck are the most engaging because that's when you test your luck. Besides, it has never been so easy to win a fortune! All you have to do is to place your first bet and expect success.

French Roulette Classic