Teen Patti is another card game invented in India - and we are proud to speak of it everywhere! Today it is highly popular not just in India but all around the world, and you can play it in Europe and the USA. There are lots of variations of this game, but we offer you the very basic one, to let you have as much fun and profit as you can! As you may know, Teen Patti means "three cards" and, in short, this game can be described as some sort of poker. Anyway, it is a simple and engaging game to play right now!

How do you play Teen Patti? It resembles a standard poker. The game is played with a single deck of 52 cards. The hand rankings are standard. Before the game starts you have to make a current stake - a chaal. The dealer gives you three cards, after that you have to bet who has the better hand - you, your opponents, or the dealer. You can do it, looking at your cards - that's called "played seen", or you can leave your cards face down - that's called "played blind".

Being quite easy, this game, meanwhile, can provide you with the challenge you seek if you consider yourself a professional player. Take your best chance against the Bollywood Casino and place your first bet right now. Your prize awaits you!

Teen Patti