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    Live Blackjack Online Games

    Live Blackjack is a popular card game in online casinos. The classic blackjack card game features a deck with a total of 52 cards. A player is deemed to have won a round if they have more points than the live blackjack dealer who sits in front of the deck.

    A live dealer blackjack is tasked with shuffling the cards using an automatic shuffler. Once shuffling is complete, the dealer must deal the cards to all the players on the blackjack table in the dedicated spaces. Each player on the table is dealt with two cards at the start.

    🎰 Game name Live Blackjacke
    ⚙️ Live Blackjacke Software Evolution Gaming, Vivo Gaming
    💰 Money Game Yes
    🚀 Free Game No
    💡 Game Rules Yes
    🤝 Game tips Yes
    📱 Mobile App Yes
    💸 Minimum deposit ₹ 100
    🏦 Payment methods PayTM, Visa, PhonePe, USDT, Freecharge, NetBanking, Airtel, RuPay, Online Banking, UPI, MobiKwik, Bitcoin
    🎁 Current bonuses Namaste Pack, Free Spins, Cashback

    How to play Live Blackjack online

    Depending on the online blackjack casino rules, the cards can be face up or face down. The dealer, on the other hand, receives one card face up. The value of the cards is usually 2 to 10, with face cards being worth 10 points. The idea is to get to 21 points or close to it without exceeding to be crowned the winner.

    The issued cards come with microchips read by the table and the player's monitor displays. The players must place real money bets and make the usual playing actions. Winnings are paid out automatically to the winning hands.

    Below are the simple steps to play any blackjack game online

    Step 1: Log into your live blackjack online casino account

    Step 2: Once inside select an empty seat as there is usually seven seats on every live dealer blackjack game

    Step 3: Decide on the amount of money you wish to bet

    Step 4: Click on chosen chip denomination and then click the betting pocket

    Step 5: The blackjack live dealer will deal the cards after which each player will act accordingly

    Step 6: When it’s your turn to act, simply, stand, hit, double down, or split if you have a pair of cards

    Step 7: Once every player acts the dealer will play their hands

    Step 8: If you win the winnings are added to the balance immediately

    The Best Live Blackjack online games

    The Live Blackjack online game is offered in many different versions in online casinos. It is important to familiarize one with the differences between the variants before playing. The variants include:

    The classic live blackjack

    It is the most popular and commonly played version of the famous card game. It is played at a classic blackjack table, whereby a deck comes with a total of 52 cards. A player is considered to have won a round on amassing more points than the live dealer blackjack. A round is lost if the dealer or player amasses more than 21 points.

    Party Blackjack

    Party Blackjack comes with almost the same rules as the Classic Live blackjack. The only difference arises from the two or three live blackjack dealers in play with this variant. However, a player only deals with a single live dealer. The objective is to beat the live dealer blackjack by drawing a combined total closer to 21.

    The Pre Decision Blackjack

    It is one of the best live blackjack games as a high-speed version of the classic live blackjack. It differs from other blackjack online games as players don't have to wait until it is their turn to decide. The high-speed nature of the game creates exciting incentives

    The VIP Blackjack

    The VIP Blackjack is for people who wish to bet big. With this version, players can bet significantly higher as the table limits allow. Participation in this variant in most live blackjack online casinos is open to members of the respective VIP club.

    The Atlantic City Live Blackjack

    With this variant, as soon as a player receives the first two cards from the live blackjack dealer, he or she can exit the round. The exit option is not available in the other blackjack game variants.

    Common Live Blackjack Table Rules

    In blackjack, players are allowed to act in any of the following ways

    • Stand: It implies the player is staying away and does not intend to take more cards. In a live blackjack game, it is common for players to stand out with a total of 17, 19, or 20 to avoid the risk of going bust.
    • Hit: The player opts to take a card from the dealer. This can happen if the dealer shows a good hand. It can also happen when a player has a total of 8. Hit is commonly used to increase the probability of winning.
    • Split: This happens when the player receives two cards of the same value. He can opt to split them into two hands. The dealer must separate the two cards and draw an additional one each.
    • Double: It happens when a player doubles his initial bet affirming his commitment to stand right after receiving an additional card.
    • Surrender: As the name implies, it occurs when a player quits prompting the dealer to take away half of their bets and return the other half to them.

    Blackjack Payouts and Odds

    While blackjack online live is a game of skill and strategy, luck is important if one is to win big and secure huge payouts. The odds of winning big increase with playing on a table that offers the best payout percentage.

    The odds of winning a blackjack hand depend on the tactic and play deployed. However, online casino blackjack comes with different variations of the moves that one is allowed to make. Therefore it is important to first understand the standard rules in the house.

    It is important to use a strategy that involves basic mathematical probabilities and basic card accounting for the best odds and higher payouts. Without a proper strategy, then the edge of the house will increase significantly.

    Side Bets and Payouts in Live Blackjack

    Side bets are simply optional bets that one can make in addition to the main bet in casino blackjack live games. Such bets are designed to cover things that can happen in the game, leaving a player at a disadvantage.

    While players rely on side bets to safeguard their interest, they also allow live casinos to make additional income.

    The most popular side bets in online blackjack live games include


    It is a side bet that players can deploy to protect themselves against an ace's up-card. Therefore, it acts as an insurance policy against a dealer hand securing a blackjack. The bet is usually half the initial stake and pays 2:1 if the dealer ends up with a blackjack.

    Perfect Pairs

    Perfect pair is a side bet that lets players bet on the first two cards being a pair. If they are a pair, then the payout will depend on the kind of pair they are. A perfect pair comes with a 25:1 payout, while colored pairs come with a 12:1 payout. Mixed pairs have a 6:1 payout.

    21-3 Poker hands Rummy

    It is an advanced form of the perfect pair side bet that focuses on the player's first two cards and dealers' first card. If all the first three cards are the same, one can walk away with a 100:1 payout.

    Common Black jack games Terms

    While playing the game of blackjack online, it is important to be conversant with various terms commonly used in various blackjack casinos.

    Ace: It is the most useful card in the deck as it can be worth 1 or 11 in blackjack. Any player who lands a 10-value card along the ace wins the round.

    Action:Refers to the amount of money that has been bet on a single hand or across the full session. It can apply to one player or all players on the blackjack table.

    Anchorman: It is the last player to act before the dealer

    Bankroll: It is the amount of money that a player can gamble with, in any round. It can go up or down

    Bet sizing: Translates to adjusting the amount one is wagering depending on the strategy

    Blackjack: A terminology used when one wins. The winning combination can consist of an ace and 10 value cards

    Burn Card: A term used when a dealer discards the top card before dealing. The burning action ensures no player knows the first card being dealt from the deck.

    Bust: happens when a dealer or a player's cards add up to a total of over 21. Whenever a player exceeds 21 points, they lose their bet immediately. If a dealer busts, then all the players win.

    Why Play Live Blackjack?

    Online Blackjack live is an online casino game for anyone looking for a more authentic and social experience. The black jack game combines all the best features of brick-and-mortar gambling and adds the privacy and convenience of playing the game from home.

    The black jack online game offers an immersive gaming experience with tables, felt cards, and live streaming cards. With several blackjack tables online, one can access betting limits of as low as $5 and find games with hands of up to $10,000. Whether a small stake or high roller, one can always find an ideal betting level.High-quality video streams is another added feature that gamers stand to enjoy

    Tips and Tricks

    Split Aces and 8’s

    It is wise to split and play with two hands in live blackjack online if you have a pair of aces or a pair of 8’s. Splitting an ace increases the chance of a blackjack with one new card. With two 8's in one hand, one is relatively far away from 21 and at a higher risk of going bust with one extra card, thus important to split.

    Never split 10 or 6 pairs.

    If you get two 10's in the first move, you'll have secured 20 points. The probability of a dealer getting 21 points is low; thus no need to split. It is also important to hold a pair of 6 instead of splitting as it becomes much easier to hit the 21 points target with the next card.

    Think twice about insurance as a side bet

    Only take an insurance side bet if the dealer's up card are an ace. The odds of a dealer making a blackjack do not justify the hefty price one must pay with the side bet if he does not have an ace.

    Bet within your bankroll

    It is important only to bet the amount of money one is comfortable losing.

    The Best Live Blackjack Strategies

    Strategy 1: Double down on Hard 11

    The prospects of making more money on doubling down on hard 11 against a live dealer blackjack are usually high. When your cards have a value of 11 or less, you are better off to hit to increase the chances of nearing the winning hand of 21 points

    Strategy 2 Split 8s and Aces

    A pair of 8s that adds to 16 points should always be split regardless of the dealer's upgrade. This is also the case with Aces. You are less of an underdog by splitting the cards to play with two hands.

    With 16 points in the first round, the prospect of exceeding the 21 point threshold with the next card is usually high. However, splitting to play with two hands makes you likely lose less money against a 9 or a 10 with the dealer.

    Strategy 3: Never split a pair of 5s or 10

    A pair of 5s or 10 should never be split to try and play with two hands. A pair of 5's is a solid 10. Consequently, taking a third card only increases the chances of getting to 21. In addition, a pair of 10s adds up to 20, which is a greater play given that the winning hand is usually 21 points

    Strategy 4: Hit a hard 12

    While the prospect of going bust with 12 is usually high, there is no need to chicken from taking another card, especially if the dealer has a 2 or 3 upward. You're likely to lose less money by hitting even at the risk of going bust.

    Strategy: Always Hit Ace-7 (soft 18)

    With an ace and a seven, the total count is a soft 18. Most players believe that the prospect of winning with 18 points is high, especially if the dealer is showing 9, 10, or an Ace. However, this is not always the case.

    With an Ace and a 7, you are less of an underdog in the round. This is because if you draw a much lower card, say a two or a 3, in the next round, the prospect of winning is usually high rather than abstaining.

    Mobile Live Blackjack

    Technological advancement has made it possible toplay the card game while on the go. Unlike in the past, when gamers had to congregate in brick and mortar casinos to place bets, it's become easy to play with the device of choice on live blackjack mobile becoming a reality.

    Mobile live blackjack is the latest phenomenon sweeping the industry as casinos look to address the needs of players while on the go. Most casinos are making it easy for people to play the blackjack online game on various mobile devices to keep everyone happy. In addition to adding support to mobile devices, live blackjack online casinos also, offer specific bonuses to try and keep the gamers happy and engaged

    A good internet connection is the only requirement to enjoy the black jack game while on the go

    The best Like blackjack payment methods

    If you have decided to play live blackjack online, you need to settle on an online casino that supports the best payment methods. This way, you will be able to deposit with ease to play the game and withdraw winnings without any difficulties.

    Some of the commonly used payment methods include:

    Credit cards

    Most online casino blackjack offer support to credit card payments powered by Visa, Mastercard, or even American Express. If you are used to using your credit card over the internet, then using it on deposits will be much easier. Credit card deposits are usually processed in real-time.

    eWallet solutions

    A number of blackjack casinos have also added support to various eWallet solutions that gamers use to make deposits and withdraw winnings. Neteller is one of the commonly used on this front as it comes with low fees. Skrill is another popular eWallet solution that can be used to make deposits and withdrawals. It stands out as it is accepted in over 200 countries and supports more than 40 currencies.


    Other online casinos have added support for crypto payments. With some bitcoin holdings, one can make deposits and start playing blackjack online game. Bitcoin payments stand out as they offer anonymous payments with the utmost security.

    Bank Wire

    Some blackjack casinos accept bank wire transfers for payments. Once an account is set up, the site will provide the bank information for making a wire transfer. The charges for wire transfers are usually high, ranging between $25 to $50.

    How to Make a Deposit to Play Blackjack Online

    Making a deposit in an online blackjack casino is as easy as making a few clicks and following a straightforward process. In most casinos, you can choose to make deposit via credit cards, bank wires, e-wallet solutions, or even cryptocurrency.

    With an account already set up,

    • Step 1: Go to the payment section, depending on the blackjack online casino
    • Step 2: Select the deposit option
    • Step 3: Select the payment option
    • Step 4: Fill out the payment form with the amount you wish to deposit
    • Step 5: Click deposit to finalize the transaction
    • Step 6: Wait for deposit conformation

    Once you select the option, you will be asked to fill in a few details depending on the payment optionthat will facilitate the transfer of funds to the casino account. With the credit card option, you will be asked to enter card details to continue, and the deposit amount

    Once everything checks out, a transfer will be initiated. Depending on the payment option selected, the amount could take a few minutes to reflect in the casino account.

    How to Withdraw Blackjack Game Winnings

    The withdrawal process is also simple but differs from one online casino blackjack to another. After locking in significant winnings playing blackjack game simply follow the following steps to withdraw winnings.

    • Step 1: Log in to an online casino account
    • Step 2: Go to the payment section
    • Step 3: Select withdraw
    • Step 4: Select withdrawal method
    • Step 5: Type the amount you wish to withdraw
    • Step: 6 Press withdraw

    Once everything checks out, the withdrawal will be initiated, and you should receive a confirmation of an exit via email or SMS. While planning to withdraw, it is important to note that some casinos will require you to withdraw using the same methods used to make the deposit.

    Live blackjack bonus offers

    Online casinos offer live blackjack bonus as incentives to encourage new players to hit the tape and interact with table dealers. The bonuses are normally offered once a new player makes a deposit. Bonuses come with maximum and minimum allowable amounts. You can always claim the live blackjack bonus by typing a bonus code during registration.

    Bonuses may also be offered to subsequent deposits and the first deposit. Once a live blackjack casino offers a bonus, it will appear in the account balance. It will show up split into two parts, the real cash balance, the total amount deposited, and the separate bonus balance representing the extra value.

    To withdraw any bonus amount, some requirements must be met depending on the blackjack online casino one is dealing with. In most cases, there is usually a number of bets that one must make before the bonus amount can be withdrawn.

    Live blackjack bonuses allow for longer play. The ability to purchase more chips with the additional fortune increases the possibility of playing multiple sets. In addition, it makes it easy to swap to new dealers at any time

    Top Blackjack Game Providers

    Evolution is a leading provider known for excellent user experience while offering flawless live casino experience in regulated markets. Evolution Live Blackjack offers a fast, slick, rich-featured online for anyone looking to place bets live blackjack online. Its offerings are optimized for the best playing experience on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.


    Ezugi is another top provider known for offering Ezugi Live Blackjack, a variation of the traditional blackjack game. Its offering features seven seats and eight desks and also has 21+3 side bets designed to offer extra playing enjoyment.

    Pragmatic Play

    Pragmatic Play is one of the best in the online gaming industry, best known for its live dealer blackjack game. The online casino has established several live dealer blackjack tables, including ONE Blackjack and Azure Blackjack


    Playtech is another live dealer that offers an array of blackjack online game. It is currently developing some of the most advanced technology ever seen in the live casino scene to allow gamers to experience products on another level. While there are blackjack tables where a specific number of players are allowed at any given time, an endless number of players are permitted in the live unlimited blackjack game.

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    Is it legal to play blackjack online in India?

    Yes. Playing blackjack online in is legal as there is no specific strict law that prohibits online casino gambling.

    What is the best online blackjack casino in India?

    The best black online blackjack casino in India comes down to several factors. The best stand out because of their reputation and accreditation through licensing. In addition, it depends on the blackjack variations they offer, the payment methods on offer, or whether they have added support for live blackjack mobile.

    Can you play blackjack for real money?

    Yes most people play blackjack for a living as casinos allow customers to play with real money while also offering free blackjack online games. Playing with real money allows people to earn some money on winning a round.

    Can you win money playing online blackjack?

    Yes, you could win if you are a good player. While luck plays a big role, the best blackjack players rely on proven strategies that ensure they come on top most of the time. However, you should never expect a steady flow of winnings while playing blackjack online.

    What is the difference between online blackjack and live blackjack?

    Live blackjack is a form of blackjack game played in a brick-and-mortar casino. It involves players walking into casinos, sitting, and dealing directly with the dealer and other players. Online blackjack, on the other hand, involves sitting in front of a screen and playing blackjack online, against other players and the dealer.