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    Live Roulette

    Online casinos arrived in the early 2000s and have steadily penetrated the gambling market. These casinos are an improved version of the traditional brick-and-mortar casinos where people would go to gamble. Now, playing your favorite roulette games, including free roulettes, is easy and convenient. You can even do it on your mobile device from the comfort of your home. Live roulette combined the best features of the traditional and digital casino. This article goes into more detail on this intriguing game and even gives you tips on winning roulette. First things first; what is live roulette?

    What Is a Live Roulette Casino Game?

    Live roulette is a fresh twist on the classic version of the famous roulette casino game. It is an online game that eliminates the need for players to visit an establishment to play the game physically. Players don't just play online on a computer; they play with other roulette fanatics and real dealers. Technology has played a significant part in ensuring that live roulette casino game is safe and gives players a quality gaming experience.

    Live roulette involves web cameras that make players place their bets just like they would in a real casino. Therefore, they can see everything when they "sit" at the roulette table. Gamblers also have special chat rooms in live roulette where they can interact and discuss the games.

    This live version of the roulette casino game is almost similar to the traditional game. However, it has a few more optimizations that blend with the current technological age. The game picks up the pace more quickly than the conventional version when playing. It is slightly faster because the dealers don't have to allocate each payout to players; therefore, they aren't too occupied. A computerized system allocates the payoffs in place of croupiers (dealers).

    Live dealer roulettes have an assigned studio where the dealers run the roulette tables. Most studios broadcast numerous games at once, so players often see other games available on the screen's backdrop.

    Playing live roulette is quite simple for most people. The platforms have special software that generates all the game's possible outcomes when one places a bet. A player can make a bet, skip around, or double it up when they click on the next option they would like to proceed with. Most live roulette casino games allow players to play with multiple other players concurrently. Also, a player can take a break and watch others as they play a few rounds. It is also unlikely for a live roulette gambler to lose their spot at the table.

    🎰 Game name Live Roulette
    ⚙️ Live Roulette Software EZUGI, Beter live, Evolution Gaming, Vivo Gaming
    💰 Money Game Yes
    🚀 Free Game No
    💡 Game Rules Yes
    🤝 Game tips Yes
    📱 Mobile App Yes
    💸 Minimum deposit ₹ 100
    🏦 Payment methods USDT, Freecharge, NetBanking, Airtel, RuPay, PayTM, Visa, PhonePe, Online Banking, UPI, MobiKwik, Bitcoin
    🎁 Current bonuses Cashback, Namaste Pack, Free Spins

    The Pros of Playing Live Roulette

    Live roulette has quite a few advantages for players, starting with how it enables them to keep track of their exact earnings. Players can also see exactly how much they have spent on the game. Most live roulettes also have a history section where players can look up each previous bet and outcome. Therefore, a proficient gambler can use this information to strategize better for future live roulette games.

    Another pro of live roulette is that it is relatively faster than the traditional casino establishments. The game's croupiers don't have to sift through each chip to award the players when they win their payoffs. The process is automated to ensure faster gameplay.

    Closely tied to the faster game speed is another advantage- gamblers can place more bets at a time. The wheel is spun more times because of the faster speeds involved, increasing a player's chances to place more bets within a certain period. Therefore, they have more chances of winning in any of the rounds.

    Convenience is also another live roulette casino game plus. Time and money are valuable assets, so getting a gambling site that saves both is exhilarating for many players. The costs that would factor in for players (like fuel/transport) meant that one had to dig deeper into their pockets on top of the gambling budget. Also, it would take time and effort for one to move from home to a casino to play, an inconvenience that live roulette eliminated.

    The Rules That Apply in Live Roulette

    There are basic rules that apply in live roulette. First, you must be 18 years or older. If you are a gambling novice, some gaming experts advise you to try the free versions of live roulette. Trying out the free versions enables players to feel what it entails. Such versions don't require a player to have a membership with the site. Therefore, players can familiarize themselves with a particular live roulette casino game. The right experience helps players make informed decisions before registering on the site and playing for real money.

    Aside from the basics, live roulette also has its designated game rules. The game consists of a spinning wheel that has 37 or 38 divisions. The varying divisions result from playing either the American or European roulette. The sections have either black or red colors and have a number. There are one or two green-colored section(s), depending on whether the spinning wheel is the European or American version. The green section is referred to as the house section.

    How to Play Roulette Casino Game

    Playing a roulette casino game is quite easy. The basic intent for any player is to predict the color or number the ball wing land on when the wheel has finished spinning. The process involves the following steps:

    1. When a player has placed a bet, the dealer sets the spinning wheel and flicks the ball around the edge of the wheel in the opposite direction. The croupier may alternate between spinning the wheel clockwise or anti-clockwise or uniformly spin it one way.
    2. Once the wheel rotates, the ball may lose impulse and skip over the number or color edges.
    3. Then, the ball finally settles in one of the wells. Hence the dealer places a winning dolly on the winning segment.
    4. The croupier will remove all the other losing bets by sweeping them over with their hand into a collection hole usually placed at the tableside.
    5. Finally, the winner proceeds to receive the game's payout.

    There are some cons that players may experience while playing the live casino roulette. There may be technical problems preventing glitch-free game streaming, frustrating the players. Live roulette also has higher minimum bets because they are more expensive to maintain than conventional casinos. Another downside is a limited game library because it would cost more to maintain a larger live roulette portfolio.

    Betting Limits in Live Roulette

    When playing the game, betting limits in live roulette depend on the player's "Priority level". For instance, a live casino roulette may present 2 to 3 maximum and minimum bets choices in all the Priority levels. If a player hasn't selected their desired level before playing this game, they enter the game at the topmost level.

    Some players often find the default limits they have entered the game with inadmissible. When this happens, they are allowed to change their limits while the game is ongoing. The levels the player selects will start applying when the next game commences. The case is different for gamblers using their mobile phones to play. Rather than changing their limits within the game, they can only exit the table to change their limits. Once the new limit has been put in place, they can re-join the table.

    If players want to change the betting limits from within the game, they should first click on the limits plaque. A drop-down box appears on the screen with the available limits. The player can select from the available options, prompting a pop-up message informing the player that the new limits start to apply on the next round.

    Live Roulette Betting Options

    Online live roulette games have many betting options. The available options include betting on one number to placing a bet covering numerous numbers or combinations. The roulette table where the game occurs is called a layout. Each betting option has a certain payout amount if fruitful. A player can place several different bets on the same spin. The best types are generally split into "inside" and "outside" bets, as detailed below.

    Inside bets

    Players usually place inside bets on the roulette layout within the body of the main numbers. They entail:

    • Street bet: The player places the chip at the bottom of any numbers row. The player's bet covers all the three numbers on that row.
    • Straight-up bet: A player can place a bet on any single number that usually ranges from 0-36.
    • Line bet: The player places a chip on the intersection at the bottom of a pair of two rows. The bet covers all the six numbers from the two rows.
    • Corner/square bet: The online live roulette player puts a chip on the intersection of four numbers on the square, covering all of them.
    • Split bet: The player places a chip on the line in the middle of two bordering numbers. They can place them horizontally or vertically to cover both the numbers.

    Outside bets

    Players usually place them outside the main number body on the live roulette gambling layout. They have lesser payout odds but the cover-up that inadequacy with their probability of carrying lower risk; they include

    • Even/odd bet: This bet entails placing the chip on any box. The chip covers all odd or even numbers, excluding zero.
    • Column bet: Players place the chip at the end of any three available columns. They place the chip in any box with a "2 to 1" mark. This action covers all the 12 numbers available in the column, excluding zero.
    • 1-18/19-36: In this outside bet, players place a chip in one of the available boxes. The chip covers all the numbers within that range, excluding zero.
    • Red/black: Players place a chip in a single color box. The chip covers all the numbers available in that color except zero.
    • Dozen bet: A gambler places a chip in any of the three boxes available to the left side of the main numbers block. They have 12 numbers each and are marked "1st 12", "2nd 12", or "3rd 12". Placing the chip covers all the 12 numbers in each of the sections.

    The Payouts in Live Roulette

    Outside bets give players the best chances of receiving payouts. 50% of the possible outcomes in live roulette are under the outside bets. Therefore, players have greater winning chances despite not being the highest payout. The payout, in this case, is usually 1:1. Other outside bets have slightly better payouts. These are column and dozen, and they have an approximate 1 in 3 winning chance. Their payout is 2:1

    Inside bets have lower winning chances than outside bets but make up for this inadequacy with better payouts. Inside bets like Straight-up have a 35:1 payout, Split 17:1, Street 11:1, Corner 8:1, Basket 6:1, and Double street with a 5:1 payout.

    The Odds in Live Roulette

    Outside bets in live roulette have odds as detailed in the table below:

    Live Roulette Bet Type

    European Roulette Odds

    American Roulette Odds
















    Inside bets also have the following live roulette odds:

    Live Roulette Bet Type

    European Roulette Odds

    American Roulette Odds
















    Double Street Bet



    Mobile Live Roulette Games

    Mobile roulette games enable individuals to play on their mobile devices. Anybody with a smartphone or a mobile phone and a reliable internet connection can access online casinos and play for real money. Besides its convenience, mobile live roulette has high-tech software that ensures gamblers enjoy playing their favorite games.

    Bonus Promotions in Live Roulette

    There are online casinos that offer the best live roulette bonus promotions. These promotions are tailored for gamblers who love live dealer games. Bonus promotions are not routinely offered like welcome bonuses. Welcome bonuses are incentives that casinos give to their new players. The players can use them when they play the live roulette wheel online. Players' accounts are credited with the incentives depending on their deposit amount. The amount gamblers receive varies from one casino to the other.

    The Best Strategies in a Roulette Game

    Roulette is one of the outstanding casino games available today. This game's immense success is largely contributed by its exhilarating nature. Here are the best live dealer roulette strategies to help players learn how to play roulette games successfully:

    The Martingale strategy: The Martingale system is the most successful roulette strategy that live webcam roulette players employ to increase their winning odds. The idea behind this game is for players to increase their bets every time they lose. Increasing a bet every time a player loses improves their chances of recovering their lost money when they win a round. After winning, they can go back to the original betting amount.

    Players need to bet only on even-money outside beds to fully maximize this strategy's potential. Even money outside bets are 1-18, 19-36, Odd, Black, Even, and Red. Outside bets in live roulette gambling have the least payout of all bets (1:1). However, they have a 50% winning chance. This implies that online live roulette casino players win the same money they bet in a spinning round.

    The Fibonacci strategy: The Fibonacci system is hailed as one of the safest online roulette game strategies compared to other strategies. It also gives players the potential to land wins despite its conservative nature. The famous Fibonacci numbers are at play in this strategy. They are a sequence that follows the pattern of listing the next number as a sum of the two numbers preceding it. It looks like this:


    This fun roulette strategy uses the Fibonacci system by adding a player's last two bets. A player has better chances of leaving the game with a profit even when they suffer more losses than wins.

    D'Alembert strategy: This system is almost similar to the Martingale system because it is based on players making bets on even-money slots of the table. The difference with the Martingale system stems from how players place the stakes. Instead of doubling them when they lose a bet, roulette casino game players receive one unit in their stake. When a player wins in a round, the stake reduces by one unit. Take the case of a player who starts the game with a $2 unit stake. If the player loses that round, they place the next wager at $3. The next loss will require a $4 bet and so on. However, if the player lands a win, say at the $4 stake, the next wager drops to $3. D'Alembert's strategy helps players keep short-term tabs on their streaks and can help balance earnings if players have even wins and losses.

    The constant bet strategy: this strategy is well suited for a player looking to engage in a fun live casino roulette game. Gamblers who want to increase their winning chances should consider this simple system. The bet always remains the same regardless of players winning or losing the rounds. Some players can choose to increase the size of the bet if they desire to optimize their potential payouts.

    The Paroli betting strategy: Players employ this strategy in their online live roulette games. This strategy aims to increase or decrease a player's stake whose outcome depends on their last game's result. If a player lands a win, they double the wager and repeat the process until they achieve three consecutive wins. The player places a single unit wager on an even money outcome at the online casino live roulette wheel. If they lose, they place another single wager and continue with the "flat bet" until they land a win.

    Winning Tips in a Live Roulette Game

    There are many live roulette tricks essential for individuals to learn how to win a roulette game. The first tip is always to ensure that your home or wherever you place a bet has a stable internet connection. A stable internet connection facilitates a smooth and uninterrupted gaming session that you'll enjoy.

    The next tip is to use an effective live dealer roulette strategy to increase your chances of winning any rounds. Whether playing online or in the traditional brick-and-mortar casino, you should have a reliable strategy up your sleeves to increase your winning chances. An optimal roulette games strategy will help you make sound decisions and minimize your losses.

    Third, make sound financial decisions before delving into the online roulette for real money games. Do not place a bet more than you can afford- a terrible step that may destabilize your financial status. Always stay on budget and spend within your reach to prevent going bankrupt.

    Finally, know when to stop when playing an online roulette game. There are times you will lose and others when you'll experience a winning streak. Other times will be a combination of both. If you have suffered enough losses at a time, learn to walk away and try your luck another day.

    Live Roulette App & Mobile Play

    There are various formats where you can access live roulette games online. For example, you can play mobile live roulette on your android or iOS devices by downloading the gambling apps from the App Store or Google play store. The most common way players access the full live casino site is through a mobile browser app. A mobile browser eliminates the need to download games from online stores.

    Top live roulette apps have features that enable a smooth online casino roulette game. Some features include close-ups, tip the dealer options, volume control, picture-in-picture, paytables, and Help information. These features give players a lot of control over their live roulette gaming experience while playing on mobile.

    The Payment Methods for Live Roulette

    PAYTM is one of the most convenient online roulette payment methods in India. You can set up an account with the platform and use it to pay for your casino roulette game. You can use it for various betting sites, including Bollywood Casino.

    How to Make a PAYTM Deposit

    There are two ways to add money to your PAYTM wallet; via or through a PAYTM app. These are the steps to follow when paying via the app:

    1. Click on the "Add Money" option on your phone's home screen.
    1. Next, select to add money by UPI, debit/credit card, or Net banking.
    2. Enter your desired amount and then select "Add Money".
    3. The fourth step is to give your payment details once you have been redirected to a protected payment page.
    4. Then, enter CVV and proceed to a bank page. This option applies if you have a saved debit/credit card. If not, save it for a faster and more convenient payment the next time you do the transaction.
    5. When the transaction is complete, the site redirects you to PAYTM, and your deposit into the wallet has been successful.

    The following are the steps to make when you deposit via

    1. If you have a PAYTM account, log into the system and select the "PAYTM Wallet" icon.
    2. Then, enter your desired deposit amount and click on the "Add Money" option.
    3. Add the money via Net banking, UPI, or a debit/credit card.
    4. The site redirects you to a payment page that prompts you to provide your payment details.
    5. Next, enter the CVV number and go to the bank page if you have saved the debit/credit card.
    6. Finally, the site redirects you to PAYTM, and the transaction is complete with the deposit into your PAYTM wallet.

    Other Payment Methods in Live Roulette

    Other popular payment methods that players use in online roulette games include eWallets like Skrill, PayPal, and Apple Pay. Apple Pay is a digital system that handles contactless transactions, including paying for a fun roulette game. PayPal is another popular online payment platform that live roulette India players can use to pay for the game.

    You can also pay for live roulette through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. You can open and maintain a Bitcoin wallet and use it to conduct private and secure virtual transactions. Bitcoin Cash is another online casino roulette payment method. The cryptocurrency is an improved version of Bitcoin that enables you to pay for your sessions without supervision from the banks.

    Bank transfers are arguably one of the safest live roulette payment options. Most people rely on this payment method's security to conduct their gambling transactions. Players can also link their bank accounts with Interac or Instant Payments platforms. Linking them enables you to quickly and securely deposit funds when playing real live roulette.

    Mastercard is another popular payment method to play a roulette casino game. The platform enables its customers seamlessly conduct financial transactions like paying for goods or services. Maestro is another card payment service- a high-quality debit card brand affiliated with Mastercard. Users from more than 100 countries globally can use this payment method to conduct various businesses and also pay for online roulette for free money.

    How to Withdraw Winnings

    The following are steps you can take to withdraw your winnings from an online roulette casino game:

    1. The first step is to log into online roulette India account.
    2. After logging in, click on the site's wallet or cashier.
    3. Click on "withdraw" to initiate the withdrawal process.
    4. Select your preferred payment method where you would like to withdraw your earnings.
    5. Enter the amount you want to withdraw from the online roulette game you have been playing.
    6. After completing the above process, confirm the transaction and wait for the site to complete the transaction.

    Who Are the Live Roulette Providers?

    The following are some of the most outstanding live roulette providers currently available in the software industry:

    Evolution Gaming

    This is another leading software provider hailed as having some of the best gaming products worldwide. Lightning Roulette, dream catcher, and Deal or No Deal are some of the modern games that Evolution Gaming has under its portfolio.


    This company was founded in 1999 and has plenty of experience concerning the gaming world. It provides superb online games with high-quality software for its customers in live dealer games, online casinos, and online poker rooms.


    Microgaming dates back to 1994, when it first entered the software industry, providing the first online casino software globally. The company delivers an authentic gaming experience for individuals using it. It improved its portfolio when it launched an outstanding virtual reality headset that enables players to experience a lifelike roulette game.

    Extreme Live Gaming

    This entity is one of the most notable software providers of online roulette games. The company is also adding other live dealer games to its name.


    Can I play online roulette for free?

    You can play online roulette for free in various automated casinos and win the best live roulette bonuses.

    Can I play online roulette on mobile devices?

    Yes, you can play live roulette on mobile devices like iOS and android-powered phones. You can also play live roulette on Windows-based tablets or laptops from the comfort of your home.

    Which online casino is the best to play roulette game?

    You can create accounts with many online casinos and engage in live roulette gambling. The casinos include Bollywood Casino, Red Dog Casino, and Bovada.

    Can I play live roulette for real money?

    Yes, you can play real live roulette and win impressive amounts of money if you are on a lucky streak. Live roulette games are like traditional casino games where gamblers play for real payouts.

    Is it legal to play online roulette in India?

    Yes, India has legalized online casinos, so individuals from the country can play online roulette whenever they want.