Deal or No Deal is a live version of the famous TV-show of the same name. In this game, you can win unlimited amounts of money by making the right choices and picking the box with the biggest prize. What is the catch? Well, you have to guess where the biggest reward is hidden! There are 16 locked chests in front of you - everyone contains the screen with the number. The range of digits varies from minimum to the most significant amounts of money. Your goal is to make bets on the chests and try to open the one with the biggest sum. Of course, you can place as many bets as you like, and proceed opening chests till you win.

How do you play Deal or No Deal? As you might understand, all you have to do is to guess where the hidden treasure is. To achieve that, you must place a bet before the game begins. After the bets are made, the game starts, and it is when you start making the right choices. Here what you have to do, to get a chance to win lots of money:

  • place your bet on a specific chest before the game starts;
  • as the round starts, your chest will be opened, revealing what is inside;
  • you may choose to proceed the game or stop it at any moment;
  • to start the new round of the game, you have to place the bet.

Note that there are additional mini-games that can help you win extra prizes in Deal or No Deal. The puzzle game offers you to restore the picture in a minimum amount of turns, 5-case-monte offers you to find a super prize to get a victory multiplier, and the Puzzle game will suggest you memorize the position of the chests. All these extra games are added to the main game to make your victory easy and profitable. Now, since you know the basic rules of the Deal or No deal, it is time to place your bet and make some real money with the Bollywood Casino!

Deal or No Deal