The concept behind almost any dice game is to get as many points as possible, thus winning the prize at a stake - usually, the money. Dice games are, definitely, one of the most ancient types of entertainment, known to people. Archaeologists had found dice in tombs of ancient Egyptians and even in Sumerian excavation sites. Nevertheless, people still enjoy the numerous games of dice.

So, how do you play Lightning Dice? It is quite a simple game, good for both the beginners and the experienced players. The game is played with three regular six-sided dice. your goal is to guess the resulting number. You can place a bet on the total sum of all three dice, or you can place a bet on all spots available.

After all the bets are made, and results are known, you'll get your prize according to the number of slots you've successfully guessed. Taking into account the number of dice, your chances to win are over 96%!

Lightning Dice