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Dragon Tiger

The game, invented in Cambodia, is easy, yet engaging. It is a really good game if you don't have much time, or you want to win money in a fast and entertaining way. Yet, don't let it trick you - the game requires you to be smart and cunning, because there is no victory where there is no brain-scratching activity! Another great feature of this game is that the round is really short and you can entertain yourself and make some money while sitting in a queue, or during your bus tour. Anyway, if you want to have fun winning money - that's your best option!

How do you play Dragon Tiger? This game has, probably, the lowest entry threshold. You don't have to learn the rules or have some extra preparations. Your goal is to place your bet on a specific position. Two cards are dealt: one to the Dragon, and one to the Tiger. All you have to do is to guess what betting position gets the higher card. You can place bets on the Dragon, the Tiger, or the Tie. The game process is the following:

  • you place a bet before the round starts;
  • you can place several bets on different positions at a time;
  • confirm your bets and the game begins;
  • there are additional side bet positions: Big, Small, Even and Odd.

The Tie position means that the Dragon and the Tiger have cards of equal value. Please, keep in mind that in this game, the Ace has the lowest ranking position, while the King being the highest card. The Big bet wins if an 8 or higher is dealt. The Small bet wins if a 6 or lower is dealt. Both Big and Small bets lose in the case of a 7. Even and Odd wins if the total number is even or odd, respectively. Also, the highest card wins regardless of the suit. Sounds easy, right? Now go and win some money with the Dragon Tiger!