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Speed Cricket Baccarat
Ezugi has continued to roll out terrific live casino products since the company has been operating under Evolution Gaming. They have recently added a fast table for their baccarat game, and not just that – they have also themed it around cricket. You may think why cricket, but the truth is this sport is quite popular around the world. Perhaps it isn’t as popular as football, but the Asian population enjoys cricket a lot, and loves to bet on the outcomes of cricket matches. In Ezugi’s Live Speed (Cricket) Baccarat, players are able to place their favourite baccarat bets while also watching cricket in from a screen behind the dealer.

The game itself hasn’t suffered any meaningful alterations. Speed baccarat is still conventional baccarat, only the rounds need less time to conclude. Normal play sometimes includes some time-consuming parts and by eliminating those moments, the round becomes quicker and more dynamic, all the while keeping the player focused and engaged.