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Lightning roulette strategies: Ninja Techniques to Win

You’re a roulette lover and are looking for lightning roulette strategy to accelerate your skills!

Excellent, you’ve come to the right spot.

Evolution Gaming offers a solution for you. Its most recent creation transforms the famed European Roulette into a thrilling game. This is a game that has players yearning for a taste, if not a victory, and unlike typical roulette games, has extra rewarding aspects. With the right lightning roulette technique and a little luck, you may earn up to a 500x multiplier every round. However, how do you get there? To find out how, read our in-depth examination of the game's rules, features, and advice, as well as the numerous strategies.

You must know about Lightning Roulette

When playing Lightning Roulette, you should know that it is a variation of the standard European Roulette game, but with some unusual twists. First, the live lightning setting does not resemble a conventional live casino but rather resembles a TV program with a dealer who also serves as the emcee. Nonetheless, all of the conventional game features, such as the roulette wheel and the set of roulette bets, remain available.

The motif of the studio is black, green, and red, with a golden frame showing during the fortunate number pick. The movie is in high definition, with synced music and fantastic RNG gaming. However, if your internet connection is a little shaky, you may modify the video quality manually using the game's control panel.

How to play lightning roulette at a boosted speed

As previously stated, Evolution Gaming created Lightning Roulette. From the outside, it appears to be similar to European roulette, yet it is more complex for new players.

There is a betting table with 36 numbered pockets and a zero digit. However, unlike in conventional roulette, when the dealer plays or spins the wheel, everything is automated. You can make a wager on;

  • A specific number
  • Several figures
  • A color combination.

Lightning roulette winning numbers

Lightning roulette winning numbers

The random number generator generates several winning numbers and the value of each lucky number once your bets have been placed in the live game.

Each gaming round has 1-5 lucky/winning numbers, and each winning number pays you between 50X and 500X of your stake!

Please keep in mind that those payments are for straight-up bets on that number. Straight-up bets that are not multiplied will pay out at the normal 29X. Splits, Corners, Red/Black, and Dozens pay the same as normal Roulette.

More information about the above-mentioned bets in live casino games may be found below.

Payouts for Lucky Numbers

Payouts for Lucky Numbers

In each gaming round, up to five fortunate numbers can be created, with multipliers of 50X, 100X, 200X, 300X, 400X, or 500X on each lucky number.


You bet straight up on the numbers 9, 18, 27, and 35. Your wager is approved, and the random number generator generates three fortunate numbers—7, 14, and 18—with rewards of 50X, 200X, and 300X.

When the roulette ball falls in pocket 18, you are paid off at odds of 300 to 1.

The basics of roulette strategy

Because high gains from lucky payouts can only be obtained by betting straight up, one incredibly simple roulette technique to employ is just betting on every number.

While this raises your overall risk, if the fortunate numbers do come up, you might be rewarded handsomely.

Because of the heightened danger, even though it is the most basic method available, it is not one that many people consider.

You mustn’t increase your bets on losing rounds to cover your losses. Because you're covering the full roulette wheel, losing only two or three rounds in a row will significantly reduce your bankroll.

For example, in European Roulette games, this form of betting is employed as part of the Martingale strategy - it generally covers simply betting on red or black rather than betting on every number.

The Paroli Method

The random number generator generates several winning numbers and the value of each lucky number once your bets have been placed in the live game.

Each gaming round has 1-5 lucky/winning numbers, and each winning number pays you between 50X and 500X of your stake!

Please keep in mind that those payments are for straight-up bets on that number. Straight-up bets that are not multiplied will pay out at the normal 29X. Splits, Corners, Red/Black, and Dozens pay the same as normal Roulette.

More information about the above-mentioned bets in live casino games may be found below.

Labouchere Method

As the name suggests, this method originated in France, the birthplace of roulette, and it works best with virtual chips in live dealer games.

But, before we go any further, this approach does not employ fortunate numbers.

The lightning roulette winning strategy is to get the most out of La Boucher. You must split your chips in the following manner.

To begin, arrange your chips in one or two lines. You must choose a casino that allows you to accomplish this because not all lone casinos do. Then, to assist in calculating how much to stake, utilize the first and final numbers on those lines. In a perfect world, you'd have a line of numbers that looks like 6, 8, 4, 2, and 2.

If the first number is 6 and the last number is 2, you would add 6 and 2 to generate an 8 virtual chip wager. Then select the next first number, which in this case is considered to be 8. You would then add 8 to the 2 on the opposite side, resulting in a stake of 10 virtual chips on that line.

This method seeks to guarantee that you have placed an even number of bets by the end of your session.

The main thing to remember here is that you should aim to place bets with as close to a 50 percent chance of winning as feasible. The closer you can go, the more likely you will come out ahead. And, because you'll be placing "50/50" bets, you may always keep playing until you win. After all, a tiny gain is preferable to a large loss.

Utilize bonuses to bet

The third Lightning Roulette approach you're not aware of involves using bonuses as part of your bankroll to raise your winnings quickly.

A basic roulette lightning strategy that remains unnoticed. All you have to do is uncover a list of real-money roulette games that include Lightning Roulette and make sure you can earn a bonus to play it.

Numerous casino sites will give you a bonus just for registering or making a deposit. Some even provide weekly or monthly awards for playing regularly.

As a result of having several options to claim bonus dollars, you may play several rounds of Lightning Roulette and win some money without risking your own money.

The only caveat is that casinos would not give you money without expecting anything in return. Every bonus you claim will have certain terms and conditions governing how you may withdraw your profits. Some casinos, for example, require you to bet 35 times your deposit amount before you may Withdraw It's even more in certain places, but this is to deter cheats and those who take the money and run.

Just like with online slots, always study the bonus's terms and conditions before claiming it, and utilize those that make it easy to withdraw.

Lightning Roulette tips

The best strategy is even while Lightning Roulette offers a thrilling possibility to win significant multipliers, it should not be considered a normal source of revenue. Instead of blindly pursuing a plan, you should adhere to general guidelines that apply to practically every casino betting system.

Keep an eye out for common and minor hazards

Losing money while gambling is a trainwreck-it hurts! And there's always the hope that the next round will be better, that the next few bets will pay off. As a result, some players tend to place other bets in the hope that the next wager will be a winner and everything will return to normal or even better. However, they end up chasing their losses and continue to lose more than they earn. Take note that pursuing that winning run will not be disastrous if you know when to show restraint.

Budget your bets and stick to it

Before you go on a gambling binge, organize your cash and decide how much you're willing to lose. Even if no one gambles to lose money, it may happen to anyone; it can happen to you as well.

So, when you're fantasizing about making a fortune in all the casinos, remember to control your money. If the casino eats your allocated budget for that particular gaming session, do yourself a favor and go away. After all, there's always tomorrow to place a bet.

Take advantage of perks and freebies wisely.

Throughout the iGaming sector, you'll frequently come across lucrative offers that promise to make you money. While there is nothing wrong with accepting such an offer, be sure it is authentic and good. If you want to win the 500x multiplier, you may need more than your budget allows. This is where bonuses come into play.

However, you must learn about the related needs. For example, you must know the sign if the wagering requirements are reasonable and achievable and the core strategy is to use random numbers.

Where should you play Lightning Roulette

When you're happy with your Lightning Roulette approach, the next step is to choose the best casino to wager at. Given its prominence in the online gaming market, the majority of Evolution Gaming-partnered casinos will include this game. Some casinos will be shown to be more trustworthy than others, offering better offers with faster withdrawal possibilities and being more enjoyable to wager at. Consider these to be some of your selection criteria for the whole column.


The best lightning roulette strategy will be informative about the game. Lightning Roulette RTP differs from other online roulette variations in its viewpoint. The studio features a magnificent backdrop reminiscent of a television program, and the dealer serves as the presenter. There is also a double column around the sides of the numbered board.


In the middle is a massive wheel that lights up the whole studio.

Great Product innovation in a live version that may be played anywhere, and the UI is user-friendly with an easy-to-navigate menu. As a result, betting is simple, and if you're a newbie, you'll get the hang of it quickly.


The betting table, like the original roulette, has a standard configuration. However, there is a racetrack where you’re likely to find unique bets. It's a critical component that holds the secret to your successful strategy. The plan is to play more here and make use of the Voisins, Orphelins, and le tiers numbers.


There is an additional function that allows you to view other players as they place their bets. Even better, you may get a report on the last 500 spins. The statistics will display the numbers that are most likely to win, as well as the frequency of the hit and victory.

Live Chat

The chat box, a unique feature that allows you to engage with the players and live dealers, is another feature.

The best roulette lightning casinos' strategy

Despite all the strategies and tips, we want you to follow the final advice to win bigger rounds:

  • Choose an online casino in India that provides appealing bonuses or promotions if you are a newbie. For example, you can select a casino that offers awards to high-stakes players or one with a large number of multiplier numbers that the dealer pulls.
  • Choose a comfortable approach based on your money. Start with smaller sums until you find a technique that works for you and gets you some lucky payout.
  • Maintain your composure and avoid partiality. Before you place a wager, create a strategy. Remember to stop when you're satisfied you've managed a win worth your bankroll.
  • Be realistic in setting and working toward your big wins.

Lightning Roulette Tricks: Pros and Cons

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of the tricks we offer.


  • The number one advantage Lightning Roulette offers is its amazing multipliers.
  • If you choose the correct number, you win the boosted prize.
  • Another area where Evolution Gaming's release impressed us is its RTP.
  • Variants will usually offer a much higher house edge compared to standard European Roulette.
  • Keep in mind that it's much more volatile.
  • With a gold and black theme, the release can look quite striking at times.
  • The addition of multipliers drastically alters how you want to place your bets.


  • The best thing you can do is play some safe bets while wagering a few straight stakes here and there.
  • You'll probably be losing money until the multiplier lines up with your number and you get a big win. One huge downside to Evolution Gaming's release lies in the fact that it pays less for all bets.
  • A straight bet with no multipliers will pay 30:1 in Lightning Roulette.
  • Yes, the developers have added a way to accept low-quality video to allow you to keep going.
  • However, if you're experiencing frequent freezes, it might be better to stick to a single-player version.
  • Fortunately, the game can be played in single-player mode using Evolution Gaming's first-person lightning roulette.

Final say

Lightning Roulette is undeniably reminiscent of vintage television shows such as the famed Wheel of Fate. The dealer serves as the host, which adds to the excitement of the game.

Because the game is comparable to the European version, there is more to it than meets the eye. However, the multiplier component is the game's major draw, and the higher RTP of 97.3 makes it a popular pick among many players.

Along with modernism, you'll have the excitement of a lifetime. However, just like any other game, there is a risk of winning or losing. You must choose the best approach. Stake small amounts and only fund large sums when you're sure of your gaming strategy.


What are my chances of winning in Lightning Roulette?

While there is no set RTP for Lightning Roulette, the average RTP is 97.30%. This means you have a better chance of winning and receiving competitive Lightning Roulette rewards.

What distinguishes Lightning Roulette from European Roulette?

The main difference between traditional roulette and light roulette is the number of green pockets/zeroes on an American and European roulette wheel. The European roulette wheel has one green pocket (zero), but the American roulette wheel (which is more popular in Las Vegas) has two: 00 and 0.

Can I communicate with actual dealers in lightning roulette?

No. Some roulette cheating strategies are prohibited regardless of the casino's jurisdiction. Past posting, pinching, wheel rigging, magnetic balls, and player-dealer collusion are examples.

What is the RTP in Lightning Roulette?

Return to Player (RTP) is a term used by online casino operators to define the proportion of total money played on a certain type of slot or game that is returned to players over time.

How to win on lightning roulette?

The Lightning Roulette’s best strategy for winning more roulette games (or, if you want, reducing the danger of losing money on the roulette wheel) is to concentrate on outside bets. Although these roulette bets may not result in mind-blowing winnings, betting on the odds/even, red/black, and high/low provides you with the answer on how to win lightning roulette.