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The Crazy Time Live Game

Crazy time is an interesting live online game based on the concept of the dream capture money wheel. All a player requires to join the game is a mobile phone or tablet with a live internet connection.

Placing bets on the game is done using real cash. Casinos that offer the game provide various payment methods for players to choose from. The game is action-packed and offers a genuine gaming experience to all who participate in it. The game offers multiplier values of up to 25,000x the bet amount.

Crazy Time Game Description

The crazy time game offers players an opportunity to take part in the game or watch as the game is being played. The crazy time game is set in a colourful and entertaining studio with a live dealer.

The game offers bets which are placed on the numbers 1,2, 5 or 10. Players can place bets by predicting which number the wheel will land. 

The game also offers several exhilarating bonus games. These bonus games are, coin flip, Pachinko, Crazy time and Cash hunt. Players can either place bets on the four lucky numbers or the bonus games. The game is also loaded with multipliers that greatly increase a player's payout. The crazy time game is exciting and relatively easy to play, making it a fun gaming experience.

Instructions For Playing Crazy Time Live

  • When betting in a crazy time game, there are four random multipliers of 1x, 2x, 5x and 10x. There are also four additional betting options for the four bonus games offered in a crazy time.
  • There is a time limit set for placing bets in a crazy time game. The time limits vary for the various casinos that offer the game.
  • After the betting round is done, two spinning reels appear on the wheel. One reel is based on the eight betting options, while the other reel is based on the multipliers. 
  • Some of the bonus games in crazy time have a re-spin option. These games are Pachinko and crazy time bonuses. The re-spin option allows players to get an extra spin in the game’s round.
  • The crazy time live game is played with real cash. A player is required to deposit money into their casino account using the various methods provided by the casino. The cash deposit is used to place bets in the game.

Bonus Games in Crazy Time Live

The crazy time bonus games are extra games offered inside the crazy time game. The bonus games have higher payouts and greatly increase a player’s chances of getting good payouts.

Coin Flip Game Bonus

A separate board in the studio is required for this bonus game. On the extra board, random multipliers are displayed with two circular tokens of the colours red and blue. The game host sets multiplier values for the two circular tokens.

After the multiplier value is set for the coloured tokens, the game host then tosses the coin to establish a winner. The coin lands on either the blue or red token and rewards the player according to where the coin lands.

Pachinko Game Bonus

When the rotating wheel lands on the pachinko option, the pachinko panel board comes into play. At the bottom of the panel board’s screen are different multiplier values ranging from 2x to 50x or more.

The dealer places a puck at the top of the pachinko panel board, and it flows down to the multiplier levels. The multiplier number the puck lands on determines the payout for the player.

The pachinko bonus game also has a double option.

Once the reel lands on the double slot, the puck is dropped again, and the multiplier value it lands on is doubled. For instance, if the slot lands at 50x, the player gets a multiplier value of 100x. For this bonus game, the player gets multiplier values of up to 10,000x.

Cash Hunt Game Bonus

The board for the cash hunt bonus game has various lines containing different rewards and payouts. The lines move from left to right or right to left. After the game starts, the various prices are given different symbols. The symbols are then mixed up, and the player is required to select a symbol. If the symbol selected has a prize, the player is rewarded.

Crazy Time

Crazy time is a casino wheel game variation developed by Evolution gaming that is unique due to its volatility. The game's multiplier greatly improves a player's chances of getting massive payouts. Players also get small and regular wins when playing the game due to the many winning options provided by the game.

In this game, players choose from yellow, green or red flappers. The game comes to an end every time the wheel stops spinning. A player wins the multiplier value the flapper lands on. For this bonus game, players get a multiplication value of up to 20,000x.

Tips And Tricks For The Crazy Time Game

  • Have A Strategy. When playing live crazy time, it's best to have a strategy to improve your winning chances. Various strategies are applicable to the crazy time online game variation. Over time, crazy time players have tested different strategies, and three have been found to be the most effective. These strategies include the Martingale strategy, the probabilistic strategy and the low - volatility strategy.
  • Know When To Walk Out From A Game. When taking part in any form of online betting, it's important to have a clear understanding of when to quit playing. When making more losses than wins, the best option is to opt-out of the game to play at a later time. Walking out when making losses enables a player to have control over the money he can lose in a single game.
  • Learn The Rules of All The Bonus Games. The online crazy time game has various bonus games that it offers to its players. For every round of crazy time, the player gets one bonus game to improve their winning chances. For players to take part in the bonus games, they need to first learn and understand the rules of the bonus games.
  • Make Use Of A Budget. For every online betting game, it's of utmost importance to have an established budget for the money you plan to spend on bets. A budget enables a player to avoid making losses they cannot stand to suffer.
  • Start With Small Bets. By starting with small bets, a player is able to study the game better and reduce the risk of huge losses. By placing small bets, a player is able to play for more rounds of a crazy time.
  • Take Advantage of Bonuses And Promotions. Casinos regularly offer bonuses to new and regular players. When playing crazy time, one should take advantage of these bonuses. Bonuses are a great way for a player to improve their chances of winning big.
  • Understand How The Game Machine Works. For a player to secure big wins in a crazy time game, they first need to understand how the game works by taking time to understand how the random number generators of the game work, players are able to make more accurate bets.
  • Have Fun Playing The Game. The crazy time game should only be viewed as a fun way to spend time with friends and family. The game should not be considered a means of earning a living. Players should also not spend too much time on the game, as doing so leads to addiction.

RTP Rates for Crazy Time

The Crazy Time game has Return To Player rates ranging from 95.41% to 96.08% for the different bet segments that they offer. The crazy time game house edge ranges from 4.59% to 3.92%. The crazy time game offers favourable RTP rates to all its players. The bonus games also have different RTP rates for every game. Each bet segment has a different RTP rate, as indicated below.

Game Segment

RTP Rate

Segment 1


Segment 2


Segment 5


Segment 10


Cash Hunt Bonus game


Pachinko Bonus Game 


Crazy Time Bonus Game 


Coin Flip Bonus Game 


How To Win When Playing Crazy Time Live

For a player to win in a Crazy time live game, the player has to make the right prediction on the segment on which the wheel lands on. For every game, there is a multiplier slot. In case the multiplier slot lands on a predicted winning slot, the player's bet amount is multiplied by the multiplier value to give the player their payout.

For a player to win in any of the bonus games, the player is required to place a bet on any of the bonus games before the wheel is spun. The crazy time online game has several bonus games with different payout rates. 

For a player to get high payouts, it's advisable to wager on the bonus games offered. Most bonus games offer high-level multipliers of up to 20,000x. Some bonus games also have double and triple options. These options greatly improve a player's winning chances in a crazy time game.

Mobile Crazy Time Game

Online gaming has grown very popular in India over the years. Currently, many casinos offer mobile phone apps with various online casino games, including the crazy time game.

All players need is a mobile phone or tablet with an internet connection. By downloading a casino app on a mobile phone, a player is able to play the crazy time live game.

It's also possible to play crazy time games for real cash on your mobile phone. Various casinos provide several payment methods that enable players to deposit money into their casino accounts to place crazy time bets.

Mobile crazy time online game has no time limit, and players can access the game at any place and time. The various payment options for mobile crazy time games include net banking, E-Wallets, and UPI(Unified Payment Interface). These payment methods allow transfers of different currencies, including Indian Rupees.

Players can withdraw winnings from their betting accounts at any time. Mobile crazy time game also facilitates live crazy time variation game. Players can interact with other players and the dealer, too, during a game session. 

The best advantage of the mobile crazy time game is the availability of a free version of the crazy time game. The free version enables a player to build their gaming skills before they can proceed to play with real cash. The mobile crazy time game is available for both android and IOS mobile devices.

🎰 Game name Crazy Time
⚙️ Crazy Time Software Evolution Gaming
💰 Money Game Yes
🚀 Free Game No
🔥 Step by Step Guide Yes
🤝 Game tips Yes
💡 Game Rules Yes
📱 Mobile App Yes
💸 Minimum deposit ₹ 100
🏦 Payment methods RuPay, PayTM, NetBanking, Visa, Freecharge, UPI, PhonePe, Online Banking, MobiKwik, Bitcoin, USDT, Airtel,
🎁 Current bonuses Free Spins, Cashback, Namaste Pack

Play Crazy Time at Bollywood Casino

The Bollywood casino is a world-class casino that has a wide variety of casino games, including the exciting crazy time online game. The Bollywood casino is a licensed legal entity recognized under the Indian gaming act of 1867.

Bollywood casino has an amazing user interface that is user-friendly to all users, new and regular. The Bollywood interface has a high-quality main page that is easy to navigate, even for new players. The gameplay for the game is fast, making a bet placing quite easy and fast for players.

The casino offers various bonuses and promotions with favourable wagering requirements. Players also get a free version of all the casino games they provide. The free version is a fun way to experience the game while learning its rules and regulations.

Other than that, the platform has really good customer care services. Withdrawals and deposits are also relatively fast. The casino has several payment methods that players can use to transfer funds to the casino accounts, including Paytm, UPI, Paypal, net banking and Neteller. The casino is also popular for facilitating payment for betting using various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. For crazy time game enthusiasts, Bollywood casino provides a genuine gaming experience.


What Is Special About Evolution's Crazy Time?

Evolution gaming developed the crazy time game. Crazy time evolution gaming has many betting options, including bonus games. These really improve a player's chances of getting a win when playing the game. The game also has a watch option whereby a player can only watch the game but not participate in the game. The crazy time game offers multiplier levels of up to 20,000x. This improves the player's chances of getting very high payouts when playing with real cash.

How Often Do The Bonus Round Occur?

The crazy time online game offers the bonus rounds weekly for all the players, including new players and regular players. The bonuses are extra cash credited to a player's casino account by the casino. The player uses the bonuses to place bets in the game. However, some bonus types have different wagering requirements.

Is There A Valid Strategy For Playing Crazy Time

There are various different strategies that can be applied when playing crazy time online games. These strategies include the Martingale strategy, low - volatility strategy and probabilistic strategy.By using a strategy, players make more out of the game and also increase their winning chances by a lot.

How Much Can A Player Win In Crazy Time?

There is no limit to the amount of money a player can win from playing crazy time online games.The crazy time game has multipliers and bonus games that enable players to get big payouts depending on the amounts wagered. However, some casinos may have bet limits. Bet limits dictate the amount of money a player can wager in a particular bet.