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Lucky 7 GameLucky 7 GameLucky 7 Game

Play Lucky 7 Game For Real Money

Lucky 7 is a unique and exciting online casino game to try your luck at. The Lucky 7 game is straightforward as it is simple to comprehend the betting process and game flow. Here, you will learn about this popular live dealer game.

Online Lucky 7 Live Casino Games Guide

Sign Up To a Lucky 7 Casino Site

The first step is to register an account with Bollywood live casino games. Here you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home as you can enjoy the thrill of casino games from the comfort of your home. To play Lucky 7 live casino games, you need an internet connection and a mobile device. To begin your gaming action, simply click on the Play now links, and you will be good to go.

Making a Deposit on Lucky 7 Game Online Casino

After registering your casino account, the following step is to deposit money into your casino account. Go to the cashier page and make your deposit.

Bollywood casino allows payment providers for the Indian market. Meaning bettors can easily use local payment methods to deposit real money.

Furthermore, our casino is safe to play at as we are licensed and regulated. Therefore, you can be comfortable about the safety of your money and financial details while playing casino games online.

Receive a Lucky 7 Casino Bonus

Lucky 7Lucky 7Lucky 7

One of the best parts of playing on our site is that we offer an array of exciting casino games bonuses and promotions to our players. After signing up and making your first cash deposit, you will activate an attractive welcome bonus.

You can utilize the welcome bonus money to enjoy more hands of the Lucky 7 casino card game. Welcome bonus rules apply, so make sure you know what the wagering requirement is in case you want to win with your Lucky 7 online casino bonus. Visit our page to learn more about our wagering requirement on the welcome bonus.

How to Play Lucky 7

Lucky 7 is played with eight decks of 52 cards with the absence of jokers. Before the game starts, the dealer deals and shuffles the cards. You must predict whether the card is going to be 7, lower than 7 (7down), or higher than 7 (7 up). These bet are also referred to as the main bet.

Select the play Lucky 7 game icon in the casino lobby
Stake your bets

To place your bet, you have ten seconds. Begin by selecting the value of the coins. The sizes of coins displayed on the screen include 1, 4, 10, 50, 100, 500, and 1000.

After choosing your coin size, stake bets by dragon the coin to the betting option at the bottom of the screen.

The dealer reveals the cards

Once the bet is staked, the dealer reveals the cards.

In case you have made the correct prediction, the dealer pays your wins. Payment is made according to the pay table. The next game round is initiated automatically, and you can play unlimited times.

In case the betting time is complete, the dealer deals one card face up into the center of the table. suppose the card dealt is below 7, above 7 or a 7 the bets will be returned minus 50%.

The Game Rules of Real Money Lucky 7

The game begins after the dealer has shuffled the cards. As a player, your objective of the game is to bet on whether you think the next card dealt will be a 7 (Lucky Seven), below 7 (7down), or higher than 7 (7 up). Find out more about the first card.

Here are some of the bet options that come with the Lucky 7 card game.

Standard Bets

Lucky 7 has three standard bets; These standard bets include;

7 up: This is a bet that the next dealt card will be more than 7.

7 Down: This is a wager that the next card dealt less than 7.

Bet on 7: This is a bet that the next card dealt will be a seven. This wager has the highest payout.

All these standard bet type come with a return to player RTP of 92.3%. In addition to these standard Lucky 7 casino online bets, there are other bets referred to as side bets you can bet on. These bets are best as they allow you to fetch more winnings.

Side Bets – Color

Lucky 7 comes with two bets for color, which come with a return to player of 95%.

Red: You place bets by predicting your next card drawn will be a red. Hearts or diamonds will win this side bet.

Black: You place bets by predicting the next card will be a black card. This bet will be won by spades or clubs.

Side Bets – Odds or Even

The Lucky 7 game online comes with two bets for odds and even.

Odds: You bet that the card dealt will be an odd number (3, 5, 7, or 9). The side bet holds an RTP of 96.92%.

Even: You stake your bet by predicting the dealt card will be an even card number 2, 4, 6, or 8. 92.31% is the Return to player of this side bet.


Here is a look at the payouts and statistics of the game.

Normal betsPayout
7 Up1:1
7 Down1:1
Side Bet- Color Payout
Side Bet – Odd or Even Payout

How to Win When Gambling Online - Best Strategies for Lucky 7

Even though Lucky 7 is a game of chance, there are a few strategies that you can apply so that the odds are in your favor. Let’s begin by understanding the game details.

  • Eight decks of 52 cards are used to play Lucky seven. In total, this is equal to 416 cards.
  • 32 cards are 7, 256 are odd cards, 160 cards are even, 192 cards are down, and 192 are up. In total, there are 208 black and red cards.
  • Your probability of getting a 7 up is 46.15%, and that of 7 down is also 46.15%.
  • The likelihood of getting a 7 is just about 7.7%
  • Your probability of getting an odd bet is 61.54%, while getting an even is 38.46
  • The probability of getting a red or black card is 50%

The odd card bet is the most likely out of all probable outcomes. Therefore the best bet options to place at the beginning of the shoe is the Odd bet. Color bets are also great because they offer a fifty-fifty chance of getting you a payout. However, as more cards continue being issued, the cards in the shoe get fewer. The probability of landing each outcome then starts to change. This, therefore, needs to change accordingly.

Lucky 7 Casino Mobile

Suppose you are a bettor looking to play this exciting and thrilling game while on the move you can. Bollywood casino site is fully optimized for Android and IOS mobile phones and tablets. The Lucky 7 mobile casino app offers the same service when it comes to banking options, customer support, game selection, and welcome bonus offers.

You can play Lucky 7 casino games anytime, anywhere, if you have a steady internet connection.

In-Game Features

Lucky 7Lucky 7Lucky 7

Lucky 7 has numerous amazing game features. For instance, it has a chat feature that allows you to chat with the dealer and get feedback. Additionally, it accepts dealers tipping like in real casinos. You can easily adjust the sound and even turn it off. Furthermore you can play with the live dealer who places the cutting card together with the 8 decks of cards. This allows you to have a feel of a brick and mortar casino.

Statistics is the other great feature which is found on the left-hand bottom of the screen. This allows you to view previous wins and losses and how the odds and betting options have been affected. You also can look at the payable to know how much you earn from winning each bet.

Our Closing Remarks

The Lucky 7 casino online game is a fast live dealer casino card game with straightforward game rules. This makes it a perfect card game for casual real money in an online live casino.

The game comes with numerous standard betting options and side bets. The lucky 7 game online offers the chance to bet different money wager on a range of side bets and so, adding to action when gambling online. Nevertheless, remember to play responsibly and never play for money you are not ready to lose.

With numerous betting options and generous payouts, Lucky 7 casino online is a great card game for high rollers and new casino players. Live casino games of cards have been popular for ages in India. It is an added advantage for fanatics of Andar Bahar online and Teen Patti. Lucky 7 online betting in a live casino can be played 24/7 as numerous Lucky tables are always available. There is no restriction on how many Indian players can play at any particular time.

You can also opt to play at India bet for fun as it is a free play site. Playing for free is ideal because it allows one to be well versed with the game rules. Furthemore, playing for free allows you to avoid risking your money. As a new Lucky 7 player ensure you maximize on free games.

Gambling can also be very addictive. Please remember to enjoy playing either Teen Patti or Lucky 7 online.

FAQ of Lucky 7

How does Lucky 7 work?

In the Lucky seven-card game, the game's object is to predict if the card revealed by the dealer will be higher than 7 (7 up), lower than 7 (7 down), or equal to 7. You have the option to place side bets on the color or odd/even status of the card.

How to win Lucky 7 using strategy?

Lucky 7 is pretty simple. There are 416 cards in eight decks of cards with 192 higher and lower cards than 7 respectively, 32 cards of 7 are present and. Even cards are 160, whereas the odd cards are 256. This indicates that the odd side bets give the best RTP, and thus you are meant to get the maximum payout. In addition to this, you can find the previous statistics of winning on the bottom of the betting page and calculate which bets to place accordingly.

How to begin playing Lucky 7?

Choose Bollywood casino, register a player account and make a deposit. You can do this in a matter of a few seconds. If you are new to online gambling, we will provide you with a guide to playing your first round of Lucky 7 casino online.

Is it possible to play the Lucky 7 game for free?

Yes, you can play the Lucky 7 game for free at our site before playing for real money. This is an excellent way for players to get acquainted with the game rules and process of the game. Play at casino sites that allow free spins like India Bet. With free spins you are certain you will improve your gameplay as you will be enjoying a ton of free spins casino games.

How safe is it to play Lucky 7 online?

We recommend playing Lucky 7 online at a site that operates with a valid gaming license and is regulated by known gambling authorities. The site must also be safe and legit to play at and make real money transactions at. Play at Bollywood casino, and you will have a secure gaming experience when playing Lucky 7 online and Teen Patti game. Furthermore, our site offers numerous casino bonus including, welcome bonus and deposit bonus. Make use of casino bonus to preserve your bankroll.

How to win at Lucky 7 Real money casino games?

To win at the Lucky 7 casino online game, you ought to bet and guess correctly what the next card dealt will be. Either you bet higher than seven (7 up), lower than seven (7 down), or bet on 7. The game has other bets as well. The game is based on chance, so you need to get lucky to win. You get a payout each time you bet on the next card correctly.

Do Lucky 7 slots have free spins?

No, this game does not have free spins. Lucky 7 slots has no bonus icons. Therefore the game comes with no free spins and no bonus options. The game is easy, it is just a win or lose situation.