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Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette is a popular game you can play at any online casino. However, if you wish to win the most significant payouts, knowing how to play is essential. This is why we will go over the rules of live lightning roulette and teach you precisely how to play lightning roulette game, where to play, and which bets are the most profitable.


Lightning roulette is an electrifying online casino game that offers players the chance to win up to 500x their original bet. This variant is a lot of fun and perfect for players who want to take a chance on big wins.


What Is Lightning Roulette?

Lightning Roulette is the most recent online roulette variant. The online casino game mixes the fun lightning roulette with the comfort and simplicity of an online casino.. Lightning roulette is a product of Evolution Gaming. It has done it again by creating another hugely popular live casino game with all the bells and whistles you'd expect from them.

There are many different roulette variants, but this version has a unique twist that no other roulette variant offers. This is what makes it so exciting, and that's why we think you should give it a try!

How to Play Lightning Roulette

You can play lightning roulette online at a particular lightning roulette betting terminal consisting of a wheel, a racetrack, and a primary betting grid. The game uses an RNG to randomly select numbers on the wheel to be unique lucky numbers, multiplied by up to 500x.

The wheel has 37, 0-36 (with only a single zero). Once all bets have been placed, the wheel spins, and the ball is dropped into it. When the wheel stops spinning and the ball lands in a pocket, the number associated with that pocket is declared the winning number.

Online roulette is one of the most popular table games in online casinos. This is because it's easy to play, and players can win in lightning roulette.

Live casino variants of roulette have become very popular as they offer a more authentic casino experience. Here is how to play online lightning roulette india.

The first thing to do is go to the live casino section of your online casino and find the Lightning Roulette game.

Make Sure You Have Enough Balance in Your Account

Before you start playing Lightning Roulette, make sure you have enough money in your account balance to cover the bets you want to make.

If you don't have enough money in your balance, deposit some more money into your account with one of the many available payment methods.

It would be best if you placed bets on the betting table to play a game. You can choose the chip value by clicking on it. If you would like to return to the previous chip value, click on the 'x.'

You can place multiple bets before starting the game.

After choosing your chip value, click on any of the numbers or colors on the betting table to place a bet. To set multiple different bets, select your chip value, click on one of the numbers or colors and repeat this process until all your desired bets are placed.

Place Your Bets

After placing your bets, hit 'Spin' to get the game started. The roulette ball will be dropped onto the spinning roulette wheel and eventually fall into one of the colored and numbered pockets. The Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts generated at random before the round began will then determine which lucky numbers payout extra. You may win up to 500x your initial wager.

The Numbers of Lightning Strikes are Calculated

Each round, one to five Lightning Numbers are chosen. The multiplier for the lightning numbers ranges from 50x to 500x.

You can choose a number more than once, and the same multipliers can appear on different numbers. The multipliers are placed at random.

The multipliers will show in the game when the ball has landed on a number, and that number is highlighted on the table. It will also show on the screen to the right with a lightning bolt over it.

The lightning numbers are determined by an RNG system, which means they are randomly placed before each round starts.

The potential existing winnings can increase up to 500 times if the multiplier reaches this amount.

The Ball Stops

The random number generator selects a winning number, and the ball stops on a matching number on the wheel. If you were lucky enough to place a Straight Up bet, you'd receive your winnings multiplied by the multiplier ( from 50x to max 500x).

If you bet on a range of numbers, one of them is hit by lightning; it will also be multiplied. But if none of your numbers are hit, don't worry! You can still collect winnings for any other bets that land, such as on red or black, or even or odd.

Lightning Roulette Rules

Evolution's Lightning Roulette is a game with a difference. It's a modern version of the classic European Roulette table, which, due to its exciting rules and gameplay, has become one of the most popular titles available on our platform.

The game follows the standard rules of European Roulette, where players will be able to place their bets on red/black and evens/odds and will have the ability to select from up to five numbers to win big.

However, a couple of things separate this title from other games. First is the addition of Lucky Numbers; these are randomly generated in each round and offer multipliers for any wins that land on them.

The second is the lightning feature. After you've placed all your bets and spun the wheel, two different sections will open up, which allow you to bet on whether any selected number will be struck by lightning in that round. Any hit numbers will pay out at an incredible multiplier – offering you some huge win potential!

Lightning Roulette is a unique experience that offers players an exciting alternative to traditional online roulette games. The great thing about Lightning Roulette is that it takes this age-old game and injects it with a fresh dose of adrenaline.

The difference between Lightning Roulette and regular roulette lies in the Lucky Numbers feature. In every round, up to five lucky numbers will be struck by lightning and given a multiplier between 50x and 500x. If you happen to bet on any of these numbers, your payouts will be multiplied accordingly.

Bet Types

Lightning Roulette is a game you can play at online casinos. The goal is to bet on the number that the roulette will display in the next draw, and there are different ways to place your bets.

There are five bet types namely:

Straight-up bet

The Straight-up bet is placed on a single number. Payouts for this are 35:1. This is a bet placed on a single number. The Straight-up bet has the biggest payout, but it also has the lowest probability of coming up.

Split bet

Players can place a split bet by placing their chip on the line that separates two numbers, either horizontally or vertically. This means that the player covers two numbers with only one chip. The payout for this bet is 17:1..

Street bet

Like a split bet, a street bet covers three numbers and pays out at 11:1 odds. Players can place this type of wager by placing their chips at the end of any row on the layout, covering that entire row with a single chip.

Example: If you placed a Street bet on all three numbers in a row (1, 2, 3) and one of the three appeared, you would win.

A corner bet

A corner bet is made by placing your chips on the shared corner of four numbers and is a bet on all three numbers in the intersection plus 0 and 00. A player may also place their chips on the outside corner of 0 and 1 and 00 and 3. This betting option gives you a 6/1 payout.

A line or double street be

A line bet is placed on two adjacent numbers, either horizontally or vertically. To place a line bet, you must choose the chip denomination and then click on the intersection of the two desired numbers. If the ball lands on your two chosen numbers, the payout will be 17 to 1.

Lightning Roulette Paytable

Lightning Roulette is a unique twist on the traditional roulette game. The table offers all of the same bets as a conventional European roulette table, Special Bets, and Straight Up Bets.

Each outcome has a unique payout with its odds. This means that you will always get paid out according to the probability of that outcome happening. For example, your odds of winning a Straight Up bet are 1 in 37 (European Roulette) or 1 in 38 (American Roulette), which means you will win a payout of 36x your stake if you manage to hit that number.

Lightning Roulette Odds

Similar to traditional Roulette, Lightning Roulette odds are based on the number and color of the space in which the ball lands. It is also possible to play on odds like dozens, columns, odds/evens, and high/low.

There are 37 spaces in a standard European-style roulette wheel from 0-to 36 (0 being green), with each space representing a different number. A player can choose which number or color they would like to bet on. If the player chooses an odd or even number, they must be precise when predicting whether the ball will land on an odd or even pocket.

The payout is based on the probability of winning, with numbers 1-36 paying out at 35:1 and a straight-up bet (playing one specific number) paying out at 36:1.

Lightning Roulette adds extra chances to win with Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts. to make it interesting. With every spin of the wheel, between one and five Lucky Numbers will be struck by lightning – these are your Lucky Numbers for that round. Each time one of your lucky numbers hits, you will receive a Lucky Payout ranging from 50x to 500x your stake - this is in addition to any winnings for that spin!

Lightning Roulette RTP and House Edge

If you are familiar with Lightning Roulette and know all the fuss, you probably know that the game boasts a high RTP of 97.3%. The return to player rate refers to the percentage of money wagered by players, which is returned as winnings over time.

The RTP, also known as 'payout percentage,' indicates how great a game is in terms of payouts. On average, for every $100 wagered on a specific game, you can expect to receive $97.30 back in winnings over time.

But how does the RTP relate to the house edge? Everything balances out in the end, so when you subtract 97.3% from 100%, you are left with 2.7%. This number represents the house edge.

The house edge is not a measure of how much money players can expect to lose while playing a specific game; it's just a term used to indicate what percentage of money the casino takes back out to players as winnings over time.

So if we are looking at numbers based on Lightning Roulette's RTP value of 97.3%, only 2.7% goes back into the casino's pocket, while the remaining 97.3% goes back to players over time. The House Edge is the opposite of the RTP, and in this case, it is 2.7%.

Lightning Roulette Multipliers

Lightning Roulette multipliers are the main attraction of this game. They increase the payout on Straight Up bets, adding an element of excitement. This begs the question: how does Lightning Roulette work?

There are up to five multipliers in each round, and you can't know which one will hit in advance. The payouts for each number are listed in a small window above the betting table. You can see all of them at once or, if you prefer, focus on the area that you've chosen to bet on.

If you have placed a Straight-Up bet on one of the numbers that have a multiplier attached, your winnings for this specific bet will be multiplied by that number and paid out accordingly.

Lucky Numbers and Payouts

One feature that makes Lightning Roulette so exciting is its Lucky Numbers. This is one of the game's main selling points, which has captured the interest of live casino players around the world.

When the player clicks on "Play" and places their bets, the computer will select one or more numbers to be Lucky Numbers for that round. When these numbers come up as winning results, they will be multiplied by a randomly chosen Lucky Payout, ranging from 50x to 500x.

This side bet increases your chances of winning without increasing your risk significantly. If you hit one lucky number during your round, you'll get payouts for all other bets on your betting spot β€” even if you lose on those bets otherwise.

Lightning Roulette Strategies

Like other casino games, Lightning Roulette has strategies that can help you lower your losses and stretch your bankroll further, but we must stress that there are no guaranteed ways of beating the game in the long run.

Betting With Bonuses

Betting with bonuses is the most successful lightning roulette strategy players use when playing Lightning Roulette. There are specific bonuses you can use, and one of them is the welcome bonus. You'll find that most casinos offer this bonus, and it's ideal for new players who don't have a big bankroll set aside to play with.

The welcome bonus is great as it doubles or triples your bankroll, so you have more money to play with. However, the welcome bonus has terms and conditions attached to it, including wagering requirements.

You'll need to wager the bonus a set amount of times before you can withdraw any winnings. Additionally, only your winnings will be credited to your account when you meet these wagering requirements. The best way to meet these requirements is by choosing a low-risk strategy but if you want more money in your account quickly, then use a high-risk strategy.

Basic Lightning Roulette Strategy

You can use a basic betting strategy on all numbers every round at the Lightning Roulette. You can start by betting from $0.10 to $1.00 on each number, then increase your bet as you get more comfortable with the game. It is important to remember that there are no guarantees in this game or any gambling game. Don't gamble more than you can afford to lose if you lose money.

After playing a few rounds of Lightning Roulette, it should become apparent which numbers are often hit. It would help if you tried to keep track of which numbers are hit the most so that when you play again, you will be able to bet on those numbers and hopefully increase your chances of winning. The first thing to do is select a chip size and place your bets on the number(s) you think will be hit. After placing your bets, press spin and wait for the ball to land in one of the slots- if it lands in one of your bets, then congratulations! You have just won!

LaBouchere Strategy

One of the most popular strategies in Roulette is the LaBouchere System. It is a simple system often used by players who are on a losing streak and want to take back control. With this system, you can turn the tables around with some patience and effort, but you'll likely need a fair budget.

When it comes to playing Lightning Roulette, you should know that this strategy can be applied in other games, too, not just Roulette. If you play blackjack or even Lightning Dice, it will be very easy to adapt to it.

LaBouchere has a few different variations, but they all are based on the same principle. The bettors start by making a list of numbers. They then add the leftmost and rightmost digits in the list and use that as their first bet. If they win, they cross off both numbers. If they lose, they must write down the bet amount at the end of the list.

The strategy is effective because it’s designed to minimize losses on losing streaks and maximize gains on winning streaks.

The Paroli System

The Paroli system is a positive progression betting system. It's based on the idea that the player can beat the house in short-term games of luck with a series of winning bets. The Paroli system is similar to the Martingale betting strategy and has been around for years.

The Paroli betting system is also known as the "Reverse Martingale" or "Parlay." Although it's not used in any casino games, players can use it in blackjack, Roulette, and other games.

The key to beating the house lies in making multiple small wins. The Paroli system works by increasing your bet after each win until you reach a predetermined profit amount. You then start again at your original stake. Your losses should be kept to a minimum when using this strategy, but there is no guarantee of success.

How to Win in Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette is an electrifying new take on the classic table game. You'll have the opportunity to win up to 500x your bet with its Lucky Numbers feature and 50x your bet with its Lucky Payouts feature.

You have to make sure you know the rules of lightning roulette. Once you have a basic understanding of how everything works and the payouts, you can move on to more advanced tactics.

To win in Lightning Roulette, you need to predict where a ball will land on a roulette wheel. A standard European roulette wheel consists of 37 numbers from 0-to 36. The 0 is green, and the rest are divided evenly between red and black.

You place a bet by clicking on the numbers or combinations that you think the ball will eventually land on after it's been spun around the wheel by the dealer. If you're right, you win money!

Another crucial thing to note is that you should keep in mind that there will be a lot more losing sessions than winning ones. That's just how gambling works, but it doesn't mean that you should stop playing. It means the opposite – you should keep playing as long as your bankroll allows it!

Lightning Roulette is not a game of chance – it's all about skills and luck! If you want to increase your chances of winning in Lightning Roulette, then try out some strategies first!

🎰 Game name Lightning Roulette
βš™οΈ Lightning Roulette Software Evolution Gaming
πŸ’° Money Game Yes
πŸš€ Free Game Yes
πŸ”₯ Step by Step Guide Yes
πŸ’‘ Game Rules Yes
🀝 Game tips Yes
πŸ“± Mobile App Yes
πŸ’Έ Minimum deposit β‚Ή 100
🏦 Payment methods RuPay, PhonePe, NetBanking, Visa, Freecharge, Online Banking, UPI, MobiKwik, Bitcoin, USDT, PayTM, Airtel,
🎁 Current bonuses Free Spins, Cashback, Namaste Pack

Lightning Roulette Tips and Tricks

Lightning Roulette is highly user-friendly, so it's easy to get started with this game without any prior experience. Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of your time playing Lightning Roulette:

Promotions and Bonuses

Online casinos have a great way of attracting new players, and that's by offering promotions, bonuses, and special offers. They are designed to make you feel like they want you to win with them, so they offer you the chance to try games out for free with their money.

If the casino has a no deposit offer, you can sign up and play free lightning roulette. You don't need to make a deposit; create your account and start playing with your bonus. It's an excellent way to try this exciting game out for yourself and see if the casino is right for you without spending any of your money.

Remember that all bonuses come with terms that you must meet before withdrawing any winnings, so make sure you read those terms before accepting a bonus.

Bonuses are not just for new players either; many casinos reward loyalty with regular promotions and bonuses.

Keep an eye on the statistics

The first thing you need to learn about Lightning Roulette is how the statistics work.

The statistics are split into two sections:

Hot numbers: These are numbers that have been hit during the last spins. The number of spins before the next round is shown as a countdown at the top of the game interface.

Cold numbers: This is where you'll find the numbers that haven't been hit during the last set of spins.

You can use this information to help you choose your bets more carefully. For example, if you spot a number that has had several hits in a row, it's less likely to be drawn again than one that hasn't come up. Of course, there's no guarantee this will happen β€” but it certainly won't hurt to keep an eye on those stats.

Learn the rules of Roulette

Lightning Roulette is a game of chance and a game of luck. Players will not be able to influence the match's outcome or beat the house edge. However, there are strategies that players can use to increase their odds of winning and strategies that will help them have a better time at the table.

Players need to understand the basics of Lightning Roulette. The game is played with multiple regular Roulette rules, but there are some significant differences. For example, there are extra Lucky Numbers in this game that come with multipliers. The multipliers range from 50x to 500x, and they can make every round much more exciting.

Players also need to understand how betting works in Lightning Roulette. There are many different bets available, and each bet has its payout rate and odds of winning. Players should learn about all of these bets before they start playing to choose the ones that suit their needs best.

Players also need to learn how to manage their bankrolls effectively when playing Lightning Roulette. Managing your bankroll means limiting how much you can afford to lose and how much you want to win.

Know the limits before betting on Lightning Roulette. Players should be aware when playing this game because it has higher minimum bets than many other online casino games. This shouldn't discourage you from trying out Lightning Roulette, but know what you're getting into before you start spinning the wheel.

Make sure that you have sufficient funds

Many online casinos enable players to play for free, but when it comes to live roulette games, it is best to play online lightning roulette real money india.

Before you embark on your journey as a Lightning Roulette player, ensure that you have sufficient funds. You can easily get lost in the excitement of playing this game if you don't have enough cash to play. It's also important to note that losing money is not good. If you lose a lot, it might be time to consider quitting the game.

Play with your head, not over it

Don't expect to get lucky every time, and don't ever chase your losses. If you're on a losing streak, give yourself a break and come back later. Also, remember that no betting strategy works 100% of the time, so don't think that any will save you from losing money eventually.

It's always essential to stay in control when gambling, but Lightning Roulette is particularly intense because of the way it puts you in action. Remember that while you're caught up in the excitement, it can be easy to overlook bet limits or how much time has passed. So take a break if you're feeling overwhelmed.

Make Use of Double Chance Bets

If you're looking to cut down on your losses, double chance bets are an excellent way. These are bets where the payout is lower, but they have more ways to win.
Payouts are lower than average, but betting on two numbers instead of one gives you almost twice as much chance of winning, so it's an excellent option for beginners. For example, if you choose red/black or odd/even, you'll get paid out at 1:1 instead of 1:2 at best and 1:36 at worst (which happens when you bet on single numbers). You only have about an 18% chance of winning these bets, so don't expect many wins.

Pay attention to the previous rounds

The numbers struck by lighting in each round are entirely random, but they are also independent of one another. In other words, if the same number gets struck by lightning twice in a row, it's just as likely as any different number to get hit by lightning again in the next round. While this may seem like common sense, you'd be surprised how many people let this basic fact affect their betting patterns.

The worst thing you can do is keep betting on the same number, hoping that your luck will change eventually. It's better to look at the results from previous rounds and see which numbers have already been struck by lightning.

Best Lightning Roulette Casino

Choosing a casino is very important because you risk your money and your nerves. Therefore, before starting the game, it is better to carefully examine the chosen site and make sure that you have made the right choice.

The Internet has many casinos, but not all of them are equally good. To avoid disappointment in the future, you should choose carefully and pay attention to several essential characteristics that characterize a good institution.


Perhaps the most important thing that you should look for in an online casino is a good reputation since many casinos out there are scams or dishonest. This is why you should always do some research before signing up with any casino and take some time to read reviews from other players who have used the site before.

You can find a lot of information on forums and discussion platforms. Players often share their experiences on such sites. New players are usually interested in how the administration treated them, how competent support works, what bonuses they received, whether there were any problems with payments, etc.

If a lot of people are complaining about it, then there's probably a reason for it, and you should avoid it. It's also essential to check out what kind of security measures the website has in place; if they don't take their players' safety seriously, they are not worth your time or money.

Choice of games

Games are vital for all online casinos, but especially for beginners. The fact is that a wide range of entertainment allows you to choose the most exciting game for yourself, and most importantly - you can always change it.

The total number of games in the casino. The more - the better because each game has its fans, and there should be enough entertainment for all of them.

Choice of games

The software must be reliable; it is developed by companies specializing in gambling games. Look for the names of these companies in the list of developers available in the institution. The most popular and reliable software is:

  • Microgaming
  • Playtech
  • Realtime Gaming
  • NetEnt
  • Cryptologic
  • Curacao

The presence of one or more of these providers means that the casino is honest, reliable, and quality.

Promotions and Bonus policy

The casino's bonus policy is fundamental. Before making a deposit, you should carefully study all the terms of the promotion and bonus policy of the institution. For example, if the wagering requirements are high and the maximum winnings from bonuses are low, then such a promotion is better not to use.

If possible, it is desirable to choose casinos with no wagering requirements or with low wager requirements.

The most common bonus offer at online casinos is a deposit bonus. Sometimes it can be free spins or free money on your account. This is quite a good incentive for beginners who are just starting to play in online casinos and do not want to risk their money.

Experienced players will also appreciate the opportunity to get free bonuses. Many casinos offer special promotions for new players on weekends and holidays. Pay attention to this section, as there may be exclusive offers only valid for a certain period.

License and Security

When you start playing at an online casino, you must know that you're playing at a reliable and safe gambling site. It is not just about the number of games and payment methods available but also about whether the casino is licensed, regulated, and monitored. Only play in a regulated online casino to ensure your safety and to take advantage of your rights as a player.

One of the most important things for you as a player is that you can trust the casino where you play. Playing should be fun and safe, so it is essential that there are no unwanted surprises or that you end up with problems when you win money. All casinos recommended by us have a license from a reputable gaming authority, such as MGA in Malta or the UK Gambling Commission in England.

Also, look for encryption software used by the casino so that your information remains safe during registration and deposit.

Customer Service

Customer service is one of the main criteria when choosing a casino. You always need to be able to ask your questions and get an answer. And on this issue, the game portals are very different.

Some give you an around-the-clock hotline; others work only during business hours and can respond to emails with a delay of several days. Therefore, it is essential in advance to find out if there is an emergency telephone number at the Internet casino. If yes, then ask them your most pressing question and see how long it takes for you to get an answer.

If you can not do without contact, then play only at casinos that offer 24/7 customer service by phone. This makes sense, especially since customer service is usually available at no additional cost in reputable casinos.


Мany casino lovers cannot dedicate their entire time to casino games and prefer playing on the go. This is why online casinos need to have a mobile-friendly platform that users can access via their smartphones. Casino apps are also a great way to play real money games from your Android or iOS devices.

In this case, you should check whether the software provider uses the latest HTML5 technology to ensure the highest graphics and sound quality.

Another aspect you should pay attention to is how easy it is to find and download the app and its compatibility with different devices. Moreover, you should also check if it has a responsive design that allows players to enjoy all the features of the mobile version of the website.

Payment Methods

These are the most critical factors for choosing the right casino for your needs. If it does not have the payment methods you require, it will not work out for you. So make sure that when you look at a potential site, you check out what payment methods they offer and if they offer any bonuses or promotions for using those methods. The best casinos will provide everything from debit cards, credit cards, and eWallets to wire transfers and even cryptocurrencies.

The deposit and withdrawal options should be easy to use and available in various currencies. In addition to the different payment methods, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Fast withdrawals;
  • Minimum deposit amounts;
  • Fees (if any).


Is Lightning Roulette rigged?

Lightning Roulette is not rigged. The game is fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority and uses an RNG (Random Number Generator) which is regularly tested to ensure complete fairness.

Can I Play Lightning Roulette for Free?

You can play Lightning Roulette for free at any casino that offers the game. This is a great way to try out the game and see what it's like before you start playing online lightning roulette for real money. However, keep in mind that you will not be able to win real cash while playing for free, as the game does not use real cash during free play.

Where Can I Play Lightning Roulette?

Most online casinos offer Lightning Roulette. The best ones offer several table games and slots from the creators of Lightning Roulette, Evolution Gaming, including other variations on the roulette theme like Immersive Roulette, Speed Roulette, and Auto Roulette.

Is playing Lightning Roulette different from playing other Roulette forms?

Playing Lightning Roulette is different from playing other roulette forms. The game combines the traditional roulette gameplay with a live gaming experience. It is a unique online live casino game powered by Evolution Gaming; there are no differences in the rules and layout of Lightning Roulette and other roulette forms. The difference comes in between the multipliers, lightning cards, and the whole experience created by the game's professional dealers.

How do you beat Lightning Roulette?

There are no particular strategies, lightning roulette tricks, or systems that will help you beat Lightning Roulette. It is a game of chance. However, there are ways to improve your overall chances of winning and the amount you can win at the table.