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Jhandi MundaJhandi MundaJhandi Munda

Jhandi Munda Game

Jhandi Munda is a unique dice game variation that originated in Arunachal Pradesh. The game is quite popular in the northeast part of India and is mainly played by Indian players, family, and friends during festivals such as Tihar, Dashain and Dashami.

The game is a refreshing way of experiencing dice and has grown in popularity in recent years. In western countries, the game is known as crown and anchor. The game's popularity can be attributed to the growing sector of online gaming.

Description of Jhandi Munda

Jhandi Munda is a dice game that is played using six dice with six sides to each dice that have different symbols on them. The game aims to predict the symbol that turns up the most number of times when the dice are rolled. Multiple players can alternatively play Jhandi Munda online to make it more interesting.

Initially, the game was played for fun in the streets of India. However, due to the growth of online gaming, most casino platforms now offer the game for real money. Indian Players can bet on Jhandi Munda on casino platforms using real money. This makes the game more exciting and puts the player in a winning position when they take part in the game.

Many casinos, such as the Bollywood casino, offer different variations of Jhandi Munda, such as live Jhandi Munda and virtual Jhandi Munda. Players from different geographical areas can participate in the same game in the live Jhandi Munda variation.

The History of Jhandi Munda

Jhandi MundaJhandi MundaJhandi Munda

The history of Jhandi Munda can be traced back to Arunachal Pradesh. The game then spread to North East India, where it remains popular. British sailors adopted the game as crown and anchor, which led to its spread to the rest of the world.

The name Jhandi Munda translates to ‘flag’ and ‘crown’ in the Hindi language. The game is also widely known in Nepal as Langur Burja. Over time, many variations of the game have been developed in various countries worldwide. The game can be said to have stood the test of time since it's still a common and widely played street dice game. This has been made so by online gaming platforms.

Benefits of Playing Online Jhandi Munda

Online Jhandi Munda has more advantages compared to the street game version of Jhandi Munda. The online variant of the game is legal to play and regulated, whereas the street game version is not. Therefore, it’s legal to play Jhandi Munda and below are some of the detailed benefits of playing the online variant of Jhandi Munda.

  • Online Jhandi Munda is accessible from any location. A player needs an internet connection and a mobile device to play online Jhandi Munda. Players can enjoy online Jhandi Munda from any location at any time.
  • When you play Jhandi Munda online on a casino platform, several tables are available to the player. Players have the freedom to switch the tables they are playing on at any given time.
  • The Online variant of Jhandi Munda uses random number generators in its gameplay. This ensures fair gameplay for all the players taking part in the game. Random number generators ensure that all players have an equal chance of winning in Jhandi Munda.
  • Various casinos offer variations of online Jhandi Munda that have side bets. This enables the online Jhandi Munda players to place more than one bet on a single game. Side bets also improve the players' winning chances. Side bets also tend to have a slightly higher payout than normal bets.
  • Online Jhandi Munda makes it possible to place real money bets on the game. Indian Players can wager real money and stand chances to get good payouts.
  • Online Jhandi Munda provides secure payment methods for the players to deposit money into the casino account. The payment methods also allow Indian players to withdraw the winnings when playing Jhandi Munda online.
  • Players from different geographical regions within India can participate in the same game when playing live Jhandi Munda. This unique aspect of the game makes it more intriguing and diverse.
  • The live variation enables interactions between the players and the live dealer through chats or talking. The players can also interact among themselves during gaming. This gives online Jhandi Munda players a genuine gaming experience.
  • You can play Jhandi Munda variations such as the virtual Jhandi Munda, which have no time limit. Indian Players can place bets on Jhandi Munda day or night. The virtual variation uses random number generators to ensure that players get equal winning chances of 50/50.

Terminologies Used in Jhandi Munda

The word Jhandi translates to flag in Hindi. The word Jhanda can also be used in place of the name Jhandi. Their translation in Hindi remains the same.
The word Munda translates to crown in the Hindi language. Other words can be used in place of Munda, such as 'Mukut' or 'Burj'.
The word eent refers to the diamond symbol drawn on the dice used in Jhandi Munda.
Paan refers to the heart symbol on the dice used in Jhandi Munda.
In a Jhandi Mund game, the club symbol on the dice is referred to as the Hukum.
The word Langur refers to the anchor symbol drawn on the dice.
Chiri refers to the spade symbol in Jhandi Munda.
Hot Symbols
This term refers to the most occurring symbols in the Jhandi Munda game round.
Cold Symbols
Cold symbols refer to the least occurring symbols in a game variation.
The dealer is a representative of the online casino who is in charge of controlling the game. The dealer places the bets and calls out the winner of every game round.

Instructions On How To Play Jhandi Munda Online

Jhandi MundaJhandi MundaJhandi Munda

When playing online Jhandi Munda, there are two variations of the game to choose from. They include the live Jhandi Munda and the RNG Jhandi Munda. However, the procedure for playing the online variations of Jhandi Munda is the same, and the only difference is the slight changes in the rules for the two variations. Below is a detailed list of the instructions to follow when playing Jhandi Munda online.

  • When playing online Jhandi Munda, the first step is identifying the casino to play in. All casinos differ in terms of the payout rates offered and the terms and conditions of the casino. To play Jhandi Munda games, a player needs to find an online casino that offers the best payout rates and terms for the game.
  • The next step involves registering an account in the chosen online casino. Registering a casino account requires players to fill in personal details such as their age, gender and phone number. This enables the casino to establish that the account belongs to the registered player.
  • After you have registered an account in the casino platform, the next step is depositing cash into the account to place bets. Various casinos in India, including the Bollywood casino, provide players with several methods of payment that can be used to transact money to and from the casino account.
  • Most Indian casinos offer bonuses and promotions to their Indian players. The welcome bonus is arguably the most common bonus for new players. After depositing into the casino account, players can access the welcome bonus and use it to place bets.
  • The next step is selecting the game from the casino’s list. Casinos offer a wide variety of games for the players to choose from.
  • After selecting the game from the given list, the next step is placing a bet. In Jhandi Munda, players bet on the symbol that is likely to occur the most when the dice are rolled.
  • After selecting the symbol to place the bet on, players can then place the amount of money for the bet. The money placed on the bet has to consider the bet limit set by the online casino.
  • Once the money and the symbol have been decided on, the last step to placing a bet is clicking on the deal option to roll the dice.
  • When the player's prediction is correct, the player gets a payout of the winnings. A round of Jhandi Munda is over after the dice have been rolled and the winner named.

Game Rules Of Jhandi Munda

For every online game, there are rules meant to control how the game is played. The rules act as a guideline for the gameplay. The game rules are also important for deciding who wins. Here is a list of the Jhandi Munda rules meant for the game.

  1. The game is played with six dice. Instead of numbers on the dice, the dice are marked with various symbols.
  2. The six symbols used in the game are diamonds, spades, hearts, clubs, Jhandi(flag) and Munda(crown).
  3. Bets for the game are placed on the symbols on the dice.
  4. In Jhandi Munda, all the dice are rolled together.
  5. For a player to win, they must make the correct prediction on the symbol that appears most when the dice are rolled.
  6. All bets are placed before the dice are rolled.
  7. If none of the symbols match the player's prediction, the player loses the game.
  8. If one or more predicted symbols turn up after the dice are rolled, the player wins the game online and is given the payout depending on the number of dice with the predicted symbol.
  9. When playing online Jhandi Munda, all players must place their bets within the bet limit set. However, not all casinos have a bet limit set on their game variations.

How To Place Bets In a Jhandi Munda Game

When placing bets in an online Jhandi Munda game, it's best to start with small bets before graduating to high-value bets. This enables a player to learn and understand more about the game before they can proceed to place high-value bets. Below are the instructions for placing a bet on the game.

  • The first step to placing a bet in Jhandi Munda games is selecting the symbol you want to place your bet.
  • After choosing a symbol on which to place a bet, the casino platforms offer several different value chips. The player clicks on the chip with their preferred value.
  • The player can also click on the chips several times when they wish to increase their bet amount.
  • After picking the chips, players must move the chips to the center of the table.
  • Once all the chips are placed at the center of the table, the players can then click on the deal button for the dice to be rolled.
  • The winner of the game round is established after the dice have been rolled and the winning symbols exposed.

Payouts Offered In Jhandi Munda Online

Jhandi Munda is considered a simple game of chance according to the Indian gaming act. The payouts of Jhandi Munda are dependent on the size of the bet placed.

Some casinos give payouts when the player gets one correct symbol. However, some casinos do not give payouts for one correct prediction. Here are the payouts for online Jhandi Munda.

Bet TypeOriginal Bet Payout
One JhandiOriginal bet + 1x Bet amount
Two JhandiOriginal bet + 2x Bet amount
Three JhandiOriginal bet + 3x Bet amount
Four JhandiOriginal bet + 4x Bet amount
Five JhandiOriginal bet + 5x Bet amount
Six JhandiOriginal bet + 6x Bet amount

RTP(Return To Player) Rates For Jhandi Munda

Jhandi Munda is an exciting way to experience dice games. It’s also possible to win cash when playing online Jhandi Munda using real cash. The winnings made from Jhandi Munda are dependent on the payout rates and the RTP rates set for the game.

The Return To Player rate dictates the amount of the winnings that a player gets to keep.

The RTP rate for Jhandi Munda is 97.14%, which makes the house edge 2.86%. This means that the player gets to keep 97.14% of the winnings made while the house retains 2.86% of the winnings made by a player. Compared to other online games, Jhandi Munda offers better payout rates.

Difference Between Real Money Jhandi Munda and Free Jhandi Munda

The main difference between real money Jhandi Munda and playing Jhandi Munda for free involves the use of money. Free Jhandi Munda allows players to have a gaming experience without any cost. If you’re looking to play Jhandi Munda for free, then understand that players can participate in many Jhandi Munda casino games with friends and family free of charge.

Free Jhandi Munda allows new players to learn more about the game and enhance their skills before placing bets using real money. Playing Jhandi Munda for free is a great way to practice how to play Jhandi Munda online for money.

Real money Jhandi Munda requires players to place bets on the game using real cash. Various casinos, including the Bollywood casino, offer real money, Jhandi Munda. The casinos provide methods of payment that players can use to deposit and withdraw money from the casino accounts. Real money Jhandi Munda is more exciting due to the risk of losing the money and the probability of big payouts in case of a win.

Real money Jhandi Munda and free Jhandi Munda are interesting ways to experience the game with friends and family.

Variations of Jhandi Munda

Jhandi MundaJhandi MundaJhandi Munda

There are two well-known variations of Jhandi Munda. Similar to blackjack, roulette online, and baccarat, Jhandi Munda has no multiple variations. There are only 2 variations of the game with similar play styles.

One of the versions is similar to Sic Bo. Players get to play Jhandi Munda by betting on the symbol that comes up face-up the most number of times. And, that is the most popular version. The player who gets the most correctly predicted symbols turned up wins the game in the first variation. However, for the other variation, a player gets only 3.4x the bet amount no matter how much the predicted symbol appears on the dice.

However, the rates for these two variations eventually even out the more a player takes part in Jhandi Munda.

Live Jhandi Munda

Live Jhandi Munda is a variation of the Jhandi Munda game that creates a more social appeal compared to other variations. It involves a live video of the dealer from a casino streamed in real time for multiple players taking part in the game.

The game involves multiple players who all place cash bets in the game. The dealer takes control of the game and is responsible for rolling the dice and calling out the winners.

When you play live Jhandi Munda, players can interact with each other and the dealer by chatting or talking. This aspect of the game makes it more interesting to take part in.

Live Jhandi Munda also provides players with handy information such as the outcomes of the previous games. This information makes it possible for a player to establish the hot and cold numbers in the game. With this information, players can use it to place bets by predicting the hot and cold symbols. However, this variation of Jhandi Munda has a time limit since it requires a certain number of players to join before a round can start. Players are also required to have a good internet connection when playing the game.

Difference Between Virtual and Live Jhandi Munda

Virtual Jhandi Munda is a variation of the Jhandi Munda game that uses Random Number Generators (RNG) and AI to facilitate gaming. The RNG ensures that the game gives players an equal chance to win when playing Jhandi Munda. Artificial intelligence runs casino games by facilitating various actions such as bet placing.

Virtual Jhandi Munda has no time limits and can only be played by one player at a time. Live Jhandi Munda, on the other hand, involves a live dealer who is streamed on the video to the players from the casino. Live Jhandi Munda involves multiple players from different locations on the globe who take part in Jhandi Munda in real time.

Online Jhandi Munda For Real Cash

In this variation of Jhandi Munda, players deposit money into the casino account, which they use to place bets. Real money Jhandi Munda is advantageous since it gives the players a chance to win big when placing bets using real cash.

Jhandi Munda's real cash game is an amazing way for players to enjoy the dice game and also stand a chance to get massive payouts when they make the right predictions.

Casinos such as Bollywood casinos provide several payment methods that allow players to transact by depositing money into the casino account and withdrawing winnings from their casino accounts. Some of the payment methods used include net banking and UPI.

Tips and Tricks For Playing Real Money Jhandi Munda

Jhandi Munda is categorized as a game of chance and therefore has an equal 50/50 chance of winning. However, players can apply some tips and tricks to improve their chances of winning when playing Jhandi Munda.

  • When playing Jhandi Munda, it's best to observe the hot and cold symbols. A player can improve his chance by considering the cold and hot symbols. Hot symbols refer to the commonly appearing symbols, while cold symbols refer to the least occurring symbols.
  • Make use of a budget. A budget enables players to limit the amount of loss they can make when placing bets. A player should not bet money they cannot stand losing. A budget also enables a player to have better control of their finances.
  • Jhandi Munda should be viewed as a hobby or a fun way of experiencing dice games. Jhandi Munda should not be used as a means of earning a living.
  • When taking part in a Jhandi Munda, it's important to know when to leave the game. When making a lot of losses, it's best to quit the game and try your luck at a later date.

How To Deposit Money For Playing Jhandi Munda

When playing Jhandi Munda for real cash, players are required to deposit money into their casino account to place cash bets. Below is a detailed list of how to deposit money into a Bollywood casino account to play Jhandi Munda online for real cash.

  • The first step to depositing money into your online gambling account involves creating an account in a Bollywood casino. Creating an account requires the player to enter a few personal details, such as age and gender.
  • The Bollywood casino also offers several payment methods for depositing money into the casino account, such as net banking, credit and debit cards and crypto currencies. The methods can also be used to make withdrawals from the casino account.
  • After making a cash deposit into the casino account, the next step is selecting Jhandi Munda from the game options available.
  • Once you have selected and opened the Jhandi Munda real cash game, you can place a bet on one of the various symbols.

The Bollywood casino has a secure gaming platform, and players are ensured of their financial and personal data security. However, players are requested to set up strong passwords to avoid hacking by malicious players.

Some payment methods may also have a transaction fee for depositing money into the casino. Some banks do not facilitate cash deposits to casinos due to security issues. It's important to confirm if it’s legal to play Jhandi Munda and other casino games before depositing money into the account.

How To Withdraw Winnings From Jhandi Munda

Jhandi Munda is a game of chance whereby all players get equal chances of winning in a game round. The payout is credited into the player's casino account in case of a win. The Bollywood casino offers various methods for withdrawal to the players.

The withdrawal methods include net banking, credit and debit cards, crypto currencies and E-Wallets. Players can choose among the payment methods made available to them. It's best to pick a payment method one is familiar with.

However, once a withdrawal request has been made to the Bollywood casino, it takes some time to process. This is necessitated by the casino's need to vet the request before allowing it. This helps reduce cases of fraud.

Before players can withdraw money from their casino account, the tax deductions are first made. Some of the casinos and payment methods may also charge a transaction fee for the deposits and withdrawals.

Strategies Applied In Jhandi Munda

Jhandi MundaJhandi MundaJhandi Munda

Due to Jhandi Munda being a game of chance, strategies can only improve a player's chances of winning. Still, they cannot guarantee the player wins in every round. Here are some detailed strategies that can be applied to improve a player's chances of winning when they play Jhandi Munda online.

The Low 2 Risk Strategy

This type of bet involves placing a bet on two symbols. These bets are placed with the expectation that in case one symbol loses, the symbol that wins covers the loss made. If both symbols win the game, the player gets a high payout.

However, this strategy may result in a loss when both symbols lose. The strategy makes the assumption that even though the player might lose some of the casino games there is a possibility that the two symbols might win in one of the rounds. When the two symbols win they are capable of covering the previous losses made.

Regardless, it's a unique way for players to better their winning chances when playing Jhandi Munda in a Bollywood casino for real money.

The Jhandi Munda High-Risk Strategy

This Jhandi Munda strategy involves online gambling on a single specific symbol for all the rounds. Betting on a single symbol out of six symbols in a Jhandi Munda has a 50% chance of winning.

However, online gambling on the same symbols in three consecutive rounds improves the winning chances. This strategy does not necessarily guarantee players a win but improves the chances of getting a high payout.

Hot and Cold Symbols Strategy

In Jhandi Munda, the term hot describes the most occurring symbol after the dice are rolled. The cold symbol describes the opposite of the hot symbol, which is the least occurring symbol in a dice roll.

A player may use this strategy by placing bets on either the hot or cold symbol. The move is done with the expectation that the hot symbols will continue turning up in the consecutive rolls.

Betting on the cold symbol assumes that the symbol is likely to start turning up when the dice are rolled. This strategy cannot ensure a player wins. It is based on assumption. The strategy only improves the player's chances of winning.

This strategy is a fun and interesting way for players to enjoy the card game and improve their winning chances.


The Bollywood online casino offers players a fun-packed and genuine gaming experience for online Jhandi Munda. The platform has a high-quality interface that is user-friendly. The platform is easy to navigate, even for new players. The casino provides a wide and unique variety of casino games for the players. These include various variations of the game.

The game’s variations in Bollywood have a world-class user interface that facilitates fast gameplay and high-definition videos for the live Jhandi Munda variation.

The casino also provides the players with several methods of payment such as UPI, net banking, Paytm, Google pay and various crypto currencies.


How To Apply The Best Strategy When Playing Jhandi Munda?

Before you can apply strategies when playing the game, the first step is learning and understanding the strategies used in Jhandi Munda. With this information, a player can know when to apply a certain strategy when they play online Jhandi Munda. No strategy can be ranked as the best; every strategy has its unique advantages and disadvantages.

Can I Play Jhandi Munda Online In English?

Yes, you can. Many casinos offer Jhandi Munda in Hindi. Some online casino apps have an option for selecting Hindi language and many other languages. Some players prefer to play online games in a language they understand best.

Can I Play Online Jhandi Munda With Real Money?

It's possible to play Jhandi Munda online for real money online and stand a chance to win massive payouts. Many casinos, including the Bollywood casino, provide Jhandi Munda variations whereby players can place bets using real money. This is made possible by the various payment methods that enable players to deposit money to the casino account.

How to Win Jhandi Munda Every Time?

When playing Jhandi Munda, every player gets an equal 50/50 chance of winning the game. It’s not possible to win every single online Jhandi Munda. However, players can use different tips, tricks and strategies to improve their winning chances.

Is Online Jhandi Munda Rigged?

Online Jhandi Munda is not rigged. The virtual variation of Jhandi Munda uses random number generators that ensure that the player has an equal chance of winning the game. Online Jhandi Munda is a game of luck, and the chances of winning are equal.

Can I Play Online Jhandi Munda On Mobile?

Yes, you can. Most online casinos offer a mobile application that enables users to access the casino on their mobile phones. If you’re looking to have some fun, you can play online Jhandi Munda that’s is available on most online casino apps, such as the Bollywood casino app.

The mobile apps are for both android and IOS devices. Users download and install the applications on their devices. Casino apps have fast gameplay and are more personalized. Players can create gaming avatars when playing Jhandi Munda on mobile casino apps.

How To Play Jhandi Munda and Win?

Some tips and strategies boost players' chances of winning when playing Jhandi Munda online. The ideal strategy is to start with small bets and have fun while playing the game.

Starting with small bets allows new players to learn more about the game and its rules. This enables players to build confidence before they proceed to place high-value bets. Different strategies can also be applied to better players' chances of getting good payouts when playing online Jhandi Munda.